Hello 2010 Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well well well ....... 6 months has passed since my last post. At last post I decided to change the look and feel of my blog. I did a little and got stuck and put my blog in the corner. 2010 is the year the year of my blog. hahaha i hear you.... she'll last a month. No I will not I am going to update this regularly this year :)

Here is a pic from last year to keep you happy. This was taken in Twizel NZ. Last July we took the kids skiing with our lovely friends the Horshams. We had the best time. Ellie just said to me yesterday "Mum can we have Christmas at the snow next year" my reply "Oh Ellie that would be lovely I'd love to" now we just have to win lotto so we can spend Christmas in Aspen!!

Sue xx