What do you do if its 10 degrees and windy ....... Saturday, June 30, 2007

You go fishing of course! It's school holidays and I am loving it. Mark wanted to do heaps with the kids but it all takes time and it is cold and windy here in Brisvegas. So Thursday lunch he decides it's fishing day. He gets all the stuff ready while I get the kids ready. Stockings and Jeans, boots, 3 long sleeve shirt and jackets! We were all rugged up.

We looked up the website and the best time to go fishing is in the morning. Well arvo should be good too hey????? It was bloody freezing and I spent all my time paranoid that Ellie would fall in. Not that it was too cold but that she would sink to the bottom!!! Well the kids had a good time and we bought LOL some fish and chips on the way home :)

Here's some pics of them having fun!

Birthday Girl!!! Friday, June 22, 2007

It was my Birthday on Thursday. I had my day all planned I was hitting the Country Road sale early to buy some new Black Boots. Mark said we couldn't leave until after 9.00 as he had to ring work. So waiting waiting until 9. Then my neighbour drives up the driveway and walks on in with a bag and a fry pan. I thought she was just returning things but I said that isn't my frypan. She says yeah I know it's mine. I'm thinking weird and thinking how am I going to get rid of her so I can go shopping :)

Then 5 minutes later I work out that she's here to stay and then another 3 friends turn up with bags. They had all bought breakfast and were making breakfast for me. Champagne breakfast how nice is that. I love my friends they are all so kind and thoughtful.

It's my friend Donna's birthday next week so we thought us girls would all go to the pub for drinks and the boys could stay home and look after the kids :) Not a good idea. We don't get to go out without the kids very often so we hit it hard and fast!! Mark came and picked me up at 10.30 thank goodness otherwise it would have been very messy. Got home and threw up so am feeling great today. Got rid of all that alcohol!! Oh and Donna did the same as well :)

Thanks girls for a yummy breakfast and a great night :)

Sue xx

Am I Beautiful ...... Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is what the 3 yr old came and said to me today after raiding my makeup bag! I put my foot down as she got the nailpolish out!!!! Gosh I wish I was Three ........

Birthday Boy!!!

I cannot believe he has been with us 9 years. It all started on a Tuesday night and I was doing a Uni Exam. I couldn't sit still just couldn't get comfortable and couldn't wait to finish the darn exam. That morning I woke up and heard a pop and my waters broke. I rang my dr and he said no hurry just come in when you are ready. So I had a shower put a load of washing on and then went to hospital at lunch time. I can't believe I was so relaxed. Yeah just off to have a baby :) I'll save you from all the painful details but at 9.15 that night Tim came into our world. He wasn't breathing real well so they rang the dr. Then they placed him on my chest. I didn't want him I just said I just want him to be ok take him and get him breathing. I'm not happy that they put me through that. I was so worried I just wanted them to take him away and get him breathing and right. It wasn't my time it was his time. Then they said he was fine but still got the dr and then put him in the Nursery in a humidi crib for observation. They fixed me all up and then I got to see him about midnight. Back then I stayed in hospital for 5 days which was way too long. I was so happy to get home. Tim was a great baby he just slept and ate. And then he grew up :)

Tim has wanted a new motorbike for a while now. We said no as we just couldn't afford to go and buy a new bike. All his friends had big bikes and he used to try and keep up with his little 50cc. We said he was actually lucky he had that .... (mean parents are we). He decided that he wanted to race motocross and we said if he could save up $1000 we would put in the rest. But then a friend was selling his son's bike so we decided that as Tim had put in so much effort in saving we would buy him this one for his Birthday. It was such a big secret and no-one knew. We didn't want anyone accidently telling him.

We had our family over and we all walked up the garage and Tim walked out to a bike under a blanket. He couldn't believe it he was shocked! I know don't think he is good with surprises. I thought he would jump around screaming but he was so shocked he just stood there. But he was on it within 2 minutes and now I am wondering what have we done. Mark was explaining some powerband thing and he was gong fast and oh shit what have we done.

Mark took some video of Tim and his friend Oscar riding the day after Tim got his new bike. I am thinking he is going too fast but I wasn't home to stop them. I've uploaded it to Youtube. It is a big file so you are best off letting it run and it will stop and start but if you watch it a second time it will run the whole way through.

Love Mum xx

Custard Friday, June 8, 2007

I love Youtube!!! Remember Custard checkout this Video. Remember when Videos were fun and simple. Not like the crap on Videos now where half of it is Xrated and not suitable for the kids to watch. My early memories are of Saturday morning watching Video Clips. It's a bit sad that our kids don't have that :) Woohoo my first clip I hope it works :) If it does look out there will be more and more LOL

Cupcake Cupcakes and more Cupcakes ........... Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ellie and I had such a wonderful day yesterday. After picking up some new books at the library we thought we'd go have a look for some new boots. As she broke the zip on the boots she had on. Found some but can I justify $90 on boots for a Qld Winter (um No). So I go to the shoe man and ask if he fixes Zips yep $15 well that's better :)

So after walking around with one boot on through the shops (yeah we got lots of stares, but I just laughed). We sat down and had a Coffee and Baby Cino in Borders. Ellie sat and looked at Dr Seuss books and I read Gorgeous cupcake books. I love cupcake books! We were having a lovely time until the 3 yr old insists she needs to do a poo, Ewwww!!!!! Won't go into details for you ........

So back to Cupcakes. It's Tim's 9th Birthday on Sunday and I always do cupcakes for school. I got all these wonderful tips from one cupcake book I as reading. Things like don't beat and butter and sugar together beat the butter first then add the sugar, and add the flour and milk in four stages. Guess what they are THE BEST cupcakes ever!!!! Tim says I should be a cake maker (which is just hilarious)! You know I forget that they are 9 yr old kids and won't care what it tastes or looks like but they were made with LOVE!!!