Day 12 - 16 Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's a blur ......... Sick children again. This cold/flu thing is really hard to shake. Thank goodness I haven't caught it off them.

Georgia had her sport carnival this week. She had a great time and thank goodness it only went until 12 because by the end of it I was pretty darn sick of watching kids throw little bean bags into bins!!!! She did well in her sprint race, came third, didn't fall over and didn't lose her hat. Why the Teachers don't get them to take their hats off to run I'm not sure. Maybe they don't want the hassle of hundreds of hat kicking around on the ground, I've never asked probably should!

All my girlfriends went to Melbourne for the weekend! I was a little sad I didn't go. I just couldn't really afford or justify that amount of money for the weekend and Mark is away so no-one to look after the kids. Thing is being the only girl left in the valley (so one's partner said to me) I got to look after the kids on the weekend. So yesterday I had 7, eeeek! It's actually easier to have more that means they don't annoy me, and I actually asked for 2 of them to come over so I'm not complaining!!!

Last night was my friend Liz's 40th Birthday Party! It was at Casablancas in the City. I've never been there but have driven past it so many times. We had a great time! But after a bit of wine, 3 shooters and Karaoke (yes I know) I am feeling a little seedy today. Oh karaoke why do I have such a passion for it and how come I sound so good especially after midnight!!!! Thank goodness I only sang 2 songs. The first was good can't remember what it was, but the second not so good. And oh my Gawd they had a mike on a stand I am so asking for one of those for Christmas with Singstar!

Love ya Mark
S xx

Day 4 - 11 Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oooops missed a few days haven't I... That's because I've had sick children all that time.

Finally on Saturday I got to see all of Georgia's soccer game. Guess what she scored a goal. I am sooo proud of her. I must say and I am so not biased :) she is the best on the field!!!! She really deserved it. But she didn't know what to do she got all embarrassed. Well I did enough screaming for her. Yes I am one of those tragic soccer Mums on the sideline yahooing and getting into the game, in a good way of course :)

Tim fell sick on Friday but was all better by Sunday, well that's what I thought. I sent him off to school yesterday but when I came to pick him up from Soccer training he was off the field because the coach thought he was so sick and should be out of the cold (oops bad mummy)!!!!

So today I am off work again! But that was ok as Georgia was receiving an Award on Assembly. I wasn't sure whether to tell her. If I did she probably wouldn't want to go to school but the surprise might make her cry. She did really well and walked up and received it!!!

Oh I've bought myself a new coffee grinder. It blows my head off each morning as I have a double flat white! Now I just have to make my mind up on a new machine :) I've discovered a site they are complete coffee freaks. I've discovered I can roast my own beans using one of those pop corn machines. Can you believe that!!! Or I can use my old bread maker and hook up a heat gun to it! I think I will wait until I get my new machine to do this. I think I'll clear all the motorbikes and tractor out of the shed and start my new coffee roasting hobby (before Mark gets home).

Well that takes me to my picture hanging! I was going to hang a picture while Mark was away. I just don't know whether to include the architrave when I centre it. Mark is so anal when it comes to being even :) Love ya honey!!!! I like things a bit left of centre well not balanced :) We have some great discussions about these things. I can't believe we are still together after building 2 houses together.

Ok off to get some vege's for the sick kids!

Sue xx

Day 3 and 4 Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I should have gone to work but Georgia was sick. It started on Sunday of her complaining of a headache. By Sunday night she had a raging temperature.

She spent Monday in bed drinking water but eating nothing. She always gets really bad headaches when she is sick. Tuesday I took her to the dr. The diagnosis and remedy surprise surprise -
She has a virus .....
giver her panadol, keep up the fluids and lots of rest.

This seems to the diagnosis for everything these days. At least I found out the she had no ear infections. On the way home we got a few DVDs. That should keep her going for a day or 2.

Ellie, well it was daycare day on Tuesday. I get her out of bed, it's Kindy Day, her reply "I'm not going". I say but you love Kindy, her reply "No I don't". She loves it she really does but every week it is a struggle to get her there. Vicki her Teacher is on holidays but she coped well when I dropped her off. She sat down on one of the Teachers laps in the sun. Fast forward to the after noon. I go to pick her up and find her in the toy shed with Barb. She was being Barbs little helper. Barb says she's a great kid. She just play with everybody but also plays happily by herself :) Ellie skips out of kindy saying she loves it and is coming back next week. This happens every week :)

Tim well what's Tim been up to. School, school and more school. Monday was soccer training day. I asked if he wanted to go early and do a few laps with me. The answer No. But then 10 minutes later he must have felt sorry for me because he said he wanted to. So the girls stayed in the warm car while Tim, Oscar and myself did a few laps of the soccer field. Then while the boys were training Ellie and I did another 2 laps. She is such a good runner wait until she gets to school and runs the pants off everyone.

Me well I've spent the last 2 days looking after sick Georgia. It is bloody cold here, I have actually had the heater on in the middle of the day just to heat up. I've had a headache for a week I seem to be clenching my teeth for some reason. I think because it is bloody cold and I just can't get warm! Even though I wasn't working I made phone calls and did work. I know I should say stuff em but if I don't do it no-one else does! I really wanted to sit in the sun and read my book but even when I sit in the sun it isn't warm it is freezing.

We have been skyping Mark at night (his morning). Tim was really excited and busting to do it but then got on and didn't say much. It is hard talking on the computer with a video link. Mark seems to be have a good time. Better than the first day when he woke up wrapped around a toilet. Well that will happen if you have no sleep in 30 hours and then hit the pub!!!!!

Ciao xx

Day 2 ....... Sunday, July 15, 2007

I had all good intentions of going to the markets this morning and buying some strawberry plants to plant in my vege patch. Mmmmmm bit too cold :)

So eventually we got out and went to my sisters for a quick morning tea. Then I had to get to the Myer sale before it finished. I bought another photo frame to hang up, don't worry you'll love it Mark :) Did a quick shop as Georgia is a bit sick I think. She has a bad headache.

Tim got a EB Games voucher for his birthday so he went and got a new dirt bike PS2 game. He is happy for a couple of days :)

I had to play soccer tonight and lucky my lovely friend said to bring to the kids down to her. It's just too cold for them to be out at night. Lucky because it was effing freezing up at Redcliffe. By the time I got home it was 8c on my car. It was a good game and I kicked a goal but didn't score. Darn goalie caught it. I had a couple of good tries but my feet just let me down and the pressure and the excitement and oh. I did say FUCK when the goalie caught the big kick though!!!!!!

Apparently Mark has arrive in Toronto. I don't know but my Soccer coach does as he rang him instead of me accidently. Also my sister knows as she has been skyping him. Good to hear you have landed safely hon!!!!! Apparently he is a bit intoxicated also. Heard along the grapevine that there was a bit of Jack Daniels consumed :0

Off to do another load of washing and get the kids clothes ready for school.

Sue xx

Day 1 Friday, July 13, 2007

I am a single Mum :) Mark has gone away for work for 3 week to Canada. Then he comes home for 1 day and goes up to Fraser with the boys for a week of Booze and Fishing.
Everyone says how are you going to cope. :) Ummmmm well easy peasy!!! It all runs so much smoother when he is away (sorry hon). All the wives that i have spoken to whose husbands travel say exactly the same so it's not just me. Things just seem to run smoother we get into a routine and everything.

Well he wants me to update my blog so he can keep up. Mmmmmm what to say I wash the dishes this morning :) No here goes......

Our Day

We saw Mark off this morning down the driveway off on his adventure around the world! Then it was down to business. Right everyone lets do a 10 minutes speed clean. 10 minutes later, get that TV off what did I say we are cleaning this house!!!!! An hour later after a half hearted attempt. Right is everyone ready for soccer Yes!! 10 minutes to go have you all cleaned your teeth No!! What you had breakfast 2 hours ago is it not simple .. Eat Breakfast then clean you teeth. So Mark nothing has changed yet since you've been gone.

Both kids had soccer at the same time this morning. I watched the first half of Tim's. It was a really good game and they were really evenly matched. The kids were all playing really well and keeping their positions. I wanted to stay for the second half but I promised Georgia I would watch half of her game. Mark has been coaching Georgia's side all year. They are all a really lovely bunch of kids but a little lacking in the aggression and the need to score. So they haven't scored a goal all season and usually hit double figures. But they are all having so much fun. I get down to Georgia's just after they have come back on after half time. To see Georgia running down the field with the ball. I ask how they are going and they have scored 1 goal, it is 1 - 0 yahoo! then a minute later Georgia comes running down the field again no-one in front and then falls over :) and Mai grabs the balls and scores a 2nd goal. So they won 2-0! Everyone was so excited and also everyone was saying poor Mark he didn't get to see his team score let along win.

Oscar and Charli came back with us so all the kids have been outside playing all afternoon. The girls riding bikes and the boys getting grubby doing something?? I've fixed my coffee grinder (I think, well for the moment anyone) and finally had a decent coffee (first this week). I've watered the fruit trees, and I pulled some Tomatoe plants out that had escaped the vege garden. I took some tomatoes and limes over to my neighbour. Oh Mark the Dicky's got $995k for their house!!!

The boys have just gone somewhere to get their motorbike gear I can see the girls in the distance walking off down the driveway somewhere. And I am going to go Mow some lawn.

All that and it's only 4pm still got a few hours left in me :) Let's see what Day 2 brings. I have set myself a challenge to write every day :)

Forgot to say I'll have to bring out some old photos as Mark took my camera :(

Sue xx