Day 12 - 16 Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's a blur ......... Sick children again. This cold/flu thing is really hard to shake. Thank goodness I haven't caught it off them.

Georgia had her sport carnival this week. She had a great time and thank goodness it only went until 12 because by the end of it I was pretty darn sick of watching kids throw little bean bags into bins!!!! She did well in her sprint race, came third, didn't fall over and didn't lose her hat. Why the Teachers don't get them to take their hats off to run I'm not sure. Maybe they don't want the hassle of hundreds of hat kicking around on the ground, I've never asked probably should!

All my girlfriends went to Melbourne for the weekend! I was a little sad I didn't go. I just couldn't really afford or justify that amount of money for the weekend and Mark is away so no-one to look after the kids. Thing is being the only girl left in the valley (so one's partner said to me) I got to look after the kids on the weekend. So yesterday I had 7, eeeek! It's actually easier to have more that means they don't annoy me, and I actually asked for 2 of them to come over so I'm not complaining!!!

Last night was my friend Liz's 40th Birthday Party! It was at Casablancas in the City. I've never been there but have driven past it so many times. We had a great time! But after a bit of wine, 3 shooters and Karaoke (yes I know) I am feeling a little seedy today. Oh karaoke why do I have such a passion for it and how come I sound so good especially after midnight!!!! Thank goodness I only sang 2 songs. The first was good can't remember what it was, but the second not so good. And oh my Gawd they had a mike on a stand I am so asking for one of those for Christmas with Singstar!

Love ya Mark
S xx