Day 3 and 4 Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I should have gone to work but Georgia was sick. It started on Sunday of her complaining of a headache. By Sunday night she had a raging temperature.

She spent Monday in bed drinking water but eating nothing. She always gets really bad headaches when she is sick. Tuesday I took her to the dr. The diagnosis and remedy surprise surprise -
She has a virus .....
giver her panadol, keep up the fluids and lots of rest.

This seems to the diagnosis for everything these days. At least I found out the she had no ear infections. On the way home we got a few DVDs. That should keep her going for a day or 2.

Ellie, well it was daycare day on Tuesday. I get her out of bed, it's Kindy Day, her reply "I'm not going". I say but you love Kindy, her reply "No I don't". She loves it she really does but every week it is a struggle to get her there. Vicki her Teacher is on holidays but she coped well when I dropped her off. She sat down on one of the Teachers laps in the sun. Fast forward to the after noon. I go to pick her up and find her in the toy shed with Barb. She was being Barbs little helper. Barb says she's a great kid. She just play with everybody but also plays happily by herself :) Ellie skips out of kindy saying she loves it and is coming back next week. This happens every week :)

Tim well what's Tim been up to. School, school and more school. Monday was soccer training day. I asked if he wanted to go early and do a few laps with me. The answer No. But then 10 minutes later he must have felt sorry for me because he said he wanted to. So the girls stayed in the warm car while Tim, Oscar and myself did a few laps of the soccer field. Then while the boys were training Ellie and I did another 2 laps. She is such a good runner wait until she gets to school and runs the pants off everyone.

Me well I've spent the last 2 days looking after sick Georgia. It is bloody cold here, I have actually had the heater on in the middle of the day just to heat up. I've had a headache for a week I seem to be clenching my teeth for some reason. I think because it is bloody cold and I just can't get warm! Even though I wasn't working I made phone calls and did work. I know I should say stuff em but if I don't do it no-one else does! I really wanted to sit in the sun and read my book but even when I sit in the sun it isn't warm it is freezing.

We have been skyping Mark at night (his morning). Tim was really excited and busting to do it but then got on and didn't say much. It is hard talking on the computer with a video link. Mark seems to be have a good time. Better than the first day when he woke up wrapped around a toilet. Well that will happen if you have no sleep in 30 hours and then hit the pub!!!!!

Ciao xx


Brissiemum2 said...

I hope when Mark gets back, he's gonna take the kids while you go off to the pub....or other interesting place with friends and drink lots of alcohol! ;) Tee hee! And of course he's gonna bring you back heaps of pressies! And I wonder if he's reading this! Baahaaaaaa!

Rachael said...

they always pick the best time to go away don't they ;-)

Hope you and Georgia feel better real soon.

Kate said...

Is Georgia feeling better now? I hope Mark is too!!

Gawd you make me feel so lazy when I read about all the laps and stuff you do - you are such a goodie goodie!

Adore that photo of daredevil Tim - Zachary ALWAYS builds ramps like that here - scary to watch which is why I don't look when he calls out 'Muuuum, look at meeeee!' LOL

I think Zachary and Tim would get on really well...