Three things Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Three things have pissed me off this week. Firstly our local Federal Member who just happens to be (a Liberal member)! All of his campaign signs have been defaced with various markings and it was only his signs and not the other Parties that were right next to him. Even though I don't exactly agree with this it did make me giggle. Last week he writes an article in the local paper saying that it was the Labor Party that did it in their dirty campaign. WTF what higher being does he think he is that someone from the Labor Party would bother drawing on his signs. Did he not consider from even one millisecond that it was a constituent (or several hundred) that did not like him????? Grrrrrr

That gets me onto the next one which is still with bloody Politics. It's the ads on TV. Labor probably does it as well but I am sick of the Coalition ads on TV bagging labor and the Unionism. They are seriously just bagging the other side instead of giving us good Policy information and reasons on why we should be voting for them and not Labor. I just hate the crap during this stage where they just slag off on one another.

Now to my third gripe. I saw an Ad for A Current Affair where they were doing a story on that Bingo show and how it is rigged. Do they not have enough stories to run other than to bag other channels? Serious who cares! Not that I ever watched it anyway but I am turning away from Commercial TV and starting to watch a lot of ABC2 and reruns of programs. Watched one for the last couple of weeks showing couple who have gone through Adoption through other Countries like Vietnam, Russia, China, which have been so interesting.

OK will get off my soap box now :)

Blackbutt Friday, November 9, 2007

and we were all black by the end of the weekend. We went camping (real camping) with some friends last weekend to a place called The Farm at blackbutt. This guy has 300 + acres and he has put in a camp ground and motorbike tracks for families.

We had so much fun and I survived. I am not a camper I don't mind civilised camping where I can go a get a real coffee of a morning. But this was no electricity, no water, only a thunder box (or bush) for a toilet, no showers. Lucky it was only for 2 nights.

We have been wanting to get Tim out into some space with his motorbike for some time. He was so excited it was going to be the best weekend of his life. We Friday he was in the little kids track, slid out and broke his clutch. Well tears, he was so devastated he would be able to ride all weekend, his weekend will be so boring. Anyway the big boys decided to teach him how to ride with the clutch and how to change gears, so we were back on track :) They had so much fun all weekend and their jumping was a bit scary for me. Did liked the big boys track the best and by the end of day 2 was clearing the smaller table top. Oh and Mark was clearing the big one.

Mark is on the yellow big and Tim is in red!