Holidays ..... Thursday, December 13, 2007

Woohoo School holidays. No more lunches, no more uniforms, no more homework, no more swimming no more anything. I don't have to be anywhere at anytime oh except for work on Monday (bummer)!

Three things Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Three things have pissed me off this week. Firstly our local Federal Member who just happens to be (a Liberal member)! All of his campaign signs have been defaced with various markings and it was only his signs and not the other Parties that were right next to him. Even though I don't exactly agree with this it did make me giggle. Last week he writes an article in the local paper saying that it was the Labor Party that did it in their dirty campaign. WTF what higher being does he think he is that someone from the Labor Party would bother drawing on his signs. Did he not consider from even one millisecond that it was a constituent (or several hundred) that did not like him????? Grrrrrr

That gets me onto the next one which is still with bloody Politics. It's the ads on TV. Labor probably does it as well but I am sick of the Coalition ads on TV bagging labor and the Unionism. They are seriously just bagging the other side instead of giving us good Policy information and reasons on why we should be voting for them and not Labor. I just hate the crap during this stage where they just slag off on one another.

Now to my third gripe. I saw an Ad for A Current Affair where they were doing a story on that Bingo show and how it is rigged. Do they not have enough stories to run other than to bag other channels? Serious who cares! Not that I ever watched it anyway but I am turning away from Commercial TV and starting to watch a lot of ABC2 and reruns of programs. Watched one for the last couple of weeks showing couple who have gone through Adoption through other Countries like Vietnam, Russia, China, which have been so interesting.

OK will get off my soap box now :)

Blackbutt Friday, November 9, 2007

and we were all black by the end of the weekend. We went camping (real camping) with some friends last weekend to a place called The Farm at blackbutt. This guy has 300 + acres and he has put in a camp ground and motorbike tracks for families.

We had so much fun and I survived. I am not a camper I don't mind civilised camping where I can go a get a real coffee of a morning. But this was no electricity, no water, only a thunder box (or bush) for a toilet, no showers. Lucky it was only for 2 nights.

We have been wanting to get Tim out into some space with his motorbike for some time. He was so excited it was going to be the best weekend of his life. We Friday he was in the little kids track, slid out and broke his clutch. Well tears, he was so devastated he would be able to ride all weekend, his weekend will be so boring. Anyway the big boys decided to teach him how to ride with the clutch and how to change gears, so we were back on track :) They had so much fun all weekend and their jumping was a bit scary for me. Did liked the big boys track the best and by the end of day 2 was clearing the smaller table top. Oh and Mark was clearing the big one.

Mark is on the yellow big and Tim is in red!

And the Instrument is ..... Monday, October 22, 2007

The ..............

Trumpet yes i cannot believe it. He didn't even pick it but I am soooooooo happy. Because he didn't ask for it he got told before everyone else and they asked him what his thoughts were. He said he didn't mind as long as her got an instrument he didn't care. Awwww isn't that nice he was just so desperate for an instrument. At least he can play the Trumpet by himself.

Funny thing happened on the weekend. I was out at a shopping centre with the kids and we had finished and were at the car. Suddenly two empty cans of something come flying over from the top car park. One can just hit Tim's head lightly. I look up and this girl looks over so I call out "You Idiots". We get in the car and I try and find the ramp to get up the top. Georgia says can we swear at them when we get up there. Ellie says yeah "You Idiots" Tim says look what you are teaching Ellie Mum. I've been told by the 9 year old. Oh yeah I never did workout how to get up the top :)

French what ........ Friday, September 21, 2007

Firstly Tim didn't make it into the Finals for Idol. Stupid judges don't know squat!!!

Anyway this term at school they have been doing test for the school music program to get a music instrument for next year. They had to do some written Tests and then a group of student were chosen to go on to the next level and have a go at some instruments. Tim got through to this round. We had a chat about it and I tried to tell him that the French Horn or Tuba or anything else so effing big it won't fit anywhere may not be the best choice. May be a little big and hard to handle therefore hard to play.

Well this week was the instrument test and today was the last day. So Tim comes home and I ask when do they have to put in their preferences he says he has done it. Ok so what did you put down 1. French Horn ..... WTF how is he going to bring that lump of a thing home on the bus (read how am I going to listen to it) 2. was saxaphone (now that's a bit more groovy) and 3. was clarinet (another good choice).

School Holidays are here Yay! No uniforms no lunches Wooohoooo.......

Pick up Sticks ..... Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Saturday is our Country Fair at the school. The kids wanted ride passes so I said they would have to do some jobs to earn them. Mark said they could pick up all the sticks in the yard and put them on the fire pile. So after they got home from school I sent them off on a mission. This is the first one the Georgia found :)

This year at the Fair they are doing Idol. They have been having heats for the last couple of weeks and the finals will at the Fair. Today it was time for Tim to do his thing, he was playing a piece on the piano. He asked me to go and watch in case he didn't get through. I was amazed!!! They have had 83 entries and the Teachers organising it said all the kids put in so much effort. What blew me away though was that all these kids came piling in during their lunch hour to see the performances! They all did so well and I am so proud of Tim to get up in front of all those other kids. He has only been learning the Piano for a year but he has really taken to it. He practices twice a day. When he is in trouble he goes to his bedroom and belts out a tune :)

Isn't Ellie hilarious! Never a dull moment with her around......

Kids Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My kids have the best life. Today Mark is in between his day and nightshift so he is outside doing gardening! I hear the motorbike and look outside Mark has just pulled up on the motorbike and Ellie has run down the stairs jumped on and they ride off down the paddock! oh what a life ... They are now riding around picking up branches that have fallen off the trees!

This is how my kids spend their days. Riding motorbike, swimming in the dam walking down the Pony trails and discovering the creek bed. It's just like my child hood. We had a mulberry tree at the end of our street and a creek. We spent our Summers playing in the creek and hiding in the mulberry tree. Kids can't do this anymore we are all so worried about who is around the corner waiting to snatch them or corrupt them. We are a little luckier just out of town I feel a little safe out here. I even feel safer at night when Mark is on nighshift. The kids can still be kids and play outside rather than being stuck in front of the TV. Oh don't worry they still do that on a Saturday morning, but that is a ritual too isn't it Saturday morning cartoons :) I just wish they had the oldies on like the Jetsons and the Flinstones not this Pokemon Crap!

Sue xx


She loves wallpaper ....... Ok so we've had the Interior Decorator in, lets call her Helen because that's her name. I knew she loved wallpaper and I knew she would suggest it and I am excited and nervous.

Wallpaper has come a long way from when our parents and grandparents used it. Helen actually thinks it never went out of fashion and no she isn't 60+ she's about my age :)

She started at the front door and is totally revamping it. The first thing she said was we need a stronger wall colour so we need to PAINT! I thought Mark was going to send her on her way, he painted the whole house and hates painting. So I though the word paint would send him over the edge but no he says OK (Mmmm I think he liked her). She also wants wall paper and a hat thingy stand.

But it was the Laundry that surprised me. I showed it to her just thinking she needs to get a feel for the house. She asked where I put clothes before I put them away - I say on my bedroom floor :) She asked well what about ones for ironing, "on the bedroom floor" She thinks I should put pigeon holes up all along the wall. That way I can just put each kids clothing in there. I think this is brilliant I would never have thought of that! (I will probably still use my bedroom floor though :) )

She had loads of ideas and is choosing some wall paper and stuff as we speak. I will take some before and after photo! We went out and bought a new chocolate brown leather lounge on the weekend! Can't wait to get it :) Oh and she said a fireplace in the Lounge as well. Don't know where the money is coming from will just have to crack and whip and get Mark to do more overtime (well it was his idea to get her in).

Changes ..... Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I've been a bit boring lately which is why I haven't been posting. Haven't done much haven't had an opinion you know just been middle of the road.

So some changes have to be made. I have booked 2 trips for the next school holidays which is very organised of me. Usually I like to do things that day I don't like to be locked into things.

Another change is we have decided to get someone in to help us finally finish our house and get some furniture. I love minimalistic but I also love looking through the home mags at the houses with a eclectic mix of everything (don't know that I could live in though and it wouldn't suit this house). Finally I put 3 pics on the walls while Mark was away but I need help with rugs and stuff. I have a massive wall we have 10 foot ceiling and it is probably 6/7 metres long. We were going to try and find a piece or pieces of artwork. But we were talking last week about a big bookshelfy wall unit. So anyway we have someone coming in next week to tell us what to do to make it look finished. Not just like a big warehouse and it is bloody echoey in here as there is nothing to absorb me screaming!

I'll set myself a task to write another post before the end of the week :)

Sue xx

Day 17 - 19 .... Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ummmmm ............

Mark comes home this week yahoo! The kids are so missing him especially Tim. He was suppose to fly to Singapore last night but the plane was broken. How funny 4 Engineers sitting inside get to feel what it's like for a flight to get cancelled. Usually they are on the other end telling the pilot he can't fly it :)

They were suppose to have 24 hours in Singapore but I'm not sure what is going to happen now. They were sent back to their hotel, so I am assuming that they will leave 24 hours later. But then what happens to the people that were catching that plane. Oh travel is just too hard isn't it.

Tim has his first "Project". His Teacher gave them the option of either doing homework for the next 2 weeks or working on a project for presentation. Tim decides on the Project. He wants to do wheel, probably because he loves his motorbike and it has wheels (seriously). So I prompt him by saying how about you start with when wheels were invented talk about them and how we used wheels now and what they are made out of. He decides he is going to do a powerpoint presentation. First slide is about Ancient Greece and wheels then he has a picture of a Pyramid with the caption this is a real Pyramid???? I say that's not about wheel. So I prompt him again how about first you sit down and write some dot points about what you want to say. He says "I'm doing a Powerpoint presentation I don't have to talk" Aaarrrggghhh.

So as a Parent where do you draw the line. Am I looking at it from at Adult perspective and what I know about the big bad world of presentations. I can't sit back and let him do it all himself (or should I) I don't think this is giving him guidance and helping him. I just not sure what guidance I should give. Can you tell I didn't like school and didn't really listen! Well I am off to see his Teacher in the morning to seek some guidance!!!

2 More Sleeps
Sue xx

Day 12 - 16 Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's a blur ......... Sick children again. This cold/flu thing is really hard to shake. Thank goodness I haven't caught it off them.

Georgia had her sport carnival this week. She had a great time and thank goodness it only went until 12 because by the end of it I was pretty darn sick of watching kids throw little bean bags into bins!!!! She did well in her sprint race, came third, didn't fall over and didn't lose her hat. Why the Teachers don't get them to take their hats off to run I'm not sure. Maybe they don't want the hassle of hundreds of hat kicking around on the ground, I've never asked probably should!

All my girlfriends went to Melbourne for the weekend! I was a little sad I didn't go. I just couldn't really afford or justify that amount of money for the weekend and Mark is away so no-one to look after the kids. Thing is being the only girl left in the valley (so one's partner said to me) I got to look after the kids on the weekend. So yesterday I had 7, eeeek! It's actually easier to have more that means they don't annoy me, and I actually asked for 2 of them to come over so I'm not complaining!!!

Last night was my friend Liz's 40th Birthday Party! It was at Casablancas in the City. I've never been there but have driven past it so many times. We had a great time! But after a bit of wine, 3 shooters and Karaoke (yes I know) I am feeling a little seedy today. Oh karaoke why do I have such a passion for it and how come I sound so good especially after midnight!!!! Thank goodness I only sang 2 songs. The first was good can't remember what it was, but the second not so good. And oh my Gawd they had a mike on a stand I am so asking for one of those for Christmas with Singstar!

Love ya Mark
S xx

Day 4 - 11 Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oooops missed a few days haven't I... That's because I've had sick children all that time.

Finally on Saturday I got to see all of Georgia's soccer game. Guess what she scored a goal. I am sooo proud of her. I must say and I am so not biased :) she is the best on the field!!!! She really deserved it. But she didn't know what to do she got all embarrassed. Well I did enough screaming for her. Yes I am one of those tragic soccer Mums on the sideline yahooing and getting into the game, in a good way of course :)

Tim fell sick on Friday but was all better by Sunday, well that's what I thought. I sent him off to school yesterday but when I came to pick him up from Soccer training he was off the field because the coach thought he was so sick and should be out of the cold (oops bad mummy)!!!!

So today I am off work again! But that was ok as Georgia was receiving an Award on Assembly. I wasn't sure whether to tell her. If I did she probably wouldn't want to go to school but the surprise might make her cry. She did really well and walked up and received it!!!

Oh I've bought myself a new coffee grinder. It blows my head off each morning as I have a double flat white! Now I just have to make my mind up on a new machine :) I've discovered a site they are complete coffee freaks. I've discovered I can roast my own beans using one of those pop corn machines. Can you believe that!!! Or I can use my old bread maker and hook up a heat gun to it! I think I will wait until I get my new machine to do this. I think I'll clear all the motorbikes and tractor out of the shed and start my new coffee roasting hobby (before Mark gets home).

Well that takes me to my picture hanging! I was going to hang a picture while Mark was away. I just don't know whether to include the architrave when I centre it. Mark is so anal when it comes to being even :) Love ya honey!!!! I like things a bit left of centre well not balanced :) We have some great discussions about these things. I can't believe we are still together after building 2 houses together.

Ok off to get some vege's for the sick kids!

Sue xx

Day 3 and 4 Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I should have gone to work but Georgia was sick. It started on Sunday of her complaining of a headache. By Sunday night she had a raging temperature.

She spent Monday in bed drinking water but eating nothing. She always gets really bad headaches when she is sick. Tuesday I took her to the dr. The diagnosis and remedy surprise surprise -
She has a virus .....
giver her panadol, keep up the fluids and lots of rest.

This seems to the diagnosis for everything these days. At least I found out the she had no ear infections. On the way home we got a few DVDs. That should keep her going for a day or 2.

Ellie, well it was daycare day on Tuesday. I get her out of bed, it's Kindy Day, her reply "I'm not going". I say but you love Kindy, her reply "No I don't". She loves it she really does but every week it is a struggle to get her there. Vicki her Teacher is on holidays but she coped well when I dropped her off. She sat down on one of the Teachers laps in the sun. Fast forward to the after noon. I go to pick her up and find her in the toy shed with Barb. She was being Barbs little helper. Barb says she's a great kid. She just play with everybody but also plays happily by herself :) Ellie skips out of kindy saying she loves it and is coming back next week. This happens every week :)

Tim well what's Tim been up to. School, school and more school. Monday was soccer training day. I asked if he wanted to go early and do a few laps with me. The answer No. But then 10 minutes later he must have felt sorry for me because he said he wanted to. So the girls stayed in the warm car while Tim, Oscar and myself did a few laps of the soccer field. Then while the boys were training Ellie and I did another 2 laps. She is such a good runner wait until she gets to school and runs the pants off everyone.

Me well I've spent the last 2 days looking after sick Georgia. It is bloody cold here, I have actually had the heater on in the middle of the day just to heat up. I've had a headache for a week I seem to be clenching my teeth for some reason. I think because it is bloody cold and I just can't get warm! Even though I wasn't working I made phone calls and did work. I know I should say stuff em but if I don't do it no-one else does! I really wanted to sit in the sun and read my book but even when I sit in the sun it isn't warm it is freezing.

We have been skyping Mark at night (his morning). Tim was really excited and busting to do it but then got on and didn't say much. It is hard talking on the computer with a video link. Mark seems to be have a good time. Better than the first day when he woke up wrapped around a toilet. Well that will happen if you have no sleep in 30 hours and then hit the pub!!!!!

Ciao xx

Day 2 ....... Sunday, July 15, 2007

I had all good intentions of going to the markets this morning and buying some strawberry plants to plant in my vege patch. Mmmmmm bit too cold :)

So eventually we got out and went to my sisters for a quick morning tea. Then I had to get to the Myer sale before it finished. I bought another photo frame to hang up, don't worry you'll love it Mark :) Did a quick shop as Georgia is a bit sick I think. She has a bad headache.

Tim got a EB Games voucher for his birthday so he went and got a new dirt bike PS2 game. He is happy for a couple of days :)

I had to play soccer tonight and lucky my lovely friend said to bring to the kids down to her. It's just too cold for them to be out at night. Lucky because it was effing freezing up at Redcliffe. By the time I got home it was 8c on my car. It was a good game and I kicked a goal but didn't score. Darn goalie caught it. I had a couple of good tries but my feet just let me down and the pressure and the excitement and oh. I did say FUCK when the goalie caught the big kick though!!!!!!

Apparently Mark has arrive in Toronto. I don't know but my Soccer coach does as he rang him instead of me accidently. Also my sister knows as she has been skyping him. Good to hear you have landed safely hon!!!!! Apparently he is a bit intoxicated also. Heard along the grapevine that there was a bit of Jack Daniels consumed :0

Off to do another load of washing and get the kids clothes ready for school.

Sue xx

Day 1 Friday, July 13, 2007

I am a single Mum :) Mark has gone away for work for 3 week to Canada. Then he comes home for 1 day and goes up to Fraser with the boys for a week of Booze and Fishing.
Everyone says how are you going to cope. :) Ummmmm well easy peasy!!! It all runs so much smoother when he is away (sorry hon). All the wives that i have spoken to whose husbands travel say exactly the same so it's not just me. Things just seem to run smoother we get into a routine and everything.

Well he wants me to update my blog so he can keep up. Mmmmmm what to say I wash the dishes this morning :) No here goes......

Our Day

We saw Mark off this morning down the driveway off on his adventure around the world! Then it was down to business. Right everyone lets do a 10 minutes speed clean. 10 minutes later, get that TV off what did I say we are cleaning this house!!!!! An hour later after a half hearted attempt. Right is everyone ready for soccer Yes!! 10 minutes to go have you all cleaned your teeth No!! What you had breakfast 2 hours ago is it not simple .. Eat Breakfast then clean you teeth. So Mark nothing has changed yet since you've been gone.

Both kids had soccer at the same time this morning. I watched the first half of Tim's. It was a really good game and they were really evenly matched. The kids were all playing really well and keeping their positions. I wanted to stay for the second half but I promised Georgia I would watch half of her game. Mark has been coaching Georgia's side all year. They are all a really lovely bunch of kids but a little lacking in the aggression and the need to score. So they haven't scored a goal all season and usually hit double figures. But they are all having so much fun. I get down to Georgia's just after they have come back on after half time. To see Georgia running down the field with the ball. I ask how they are going and they have scored 1 goal, it is 1 - 0 yahoo! then a minute later Georgia comes running down the field again no-one in front and then falls over :) and Mai grabs the balls and scores a 2nd goal. So they won 2-0! Everyone was so excited and also everyone was saying poor Mark he didn't get to see his team score let along win.

Oscar and Charli came back with us so all the kids have been outside playing all afternoon. The girls riding bikes and the boys getting grubby doing something?? I've fixed my coffee grinder (I think, well for the moment anyone) and finally had a decent coffee (first this week). I've watered the fruit trees, and I pulled some Tomatoe plants out that had escaped the vege garden. I took some tomatoes and limes over to my neighbour. Oh Mark the Dicky's got $995k for their house!!!

The boys have just gone somewhere to get their motorbike gear I can see the girls in the distance walking off down the driveway somewhere. And I am going to go Mow some lawn.

All that and it's only 4pm still got a few hours left in me :) Let's see what Day 2 brings. I have set myself a challenge to write every day :)

Forgot to say I'll have to bring out some old photos as Mark took my camera :(

Sue xx

What do you do if its 10 degrees and windy ....... Saturday, June 30, 2007

You go fishing of course! It's school holidays and I am loving it. Mark wanted to do heaps with the kids but it all takes time and it is cold and windy here in Brisvegas. So Thursday lunch he decides it's fishing day. He gets all the stuff ready while I get the kids ready. Stockings and Jeans, boots, 3 long sleeve shirt and jackets! We were all rugged up.

We looked up the website and the best time to go fishing is in the morning. Well arvo should be good too hey????? It was bloody freezing and I spent all my time paranoid that Ellie would fall in. Not that it was too cold but that she would sink to the bottom!!! Well the kids had a good time and we bought LOL some fish and chips on the way home :)

Here's some pics of them having fun!

Birthday Girl!!! Friday, June 22, 2007

It was my Birthday on Thursday. I had my day all planned I was hitting the Country Road sale early to buy some new Black Boots. Mark said we couldn't leave until after 9.00 as he had to ring work. So waiting waiting until 9. Then my neighbour drives up the driveway and walks on in with a bag and a fry pan. I thought she was just returning things but I said that isn't my frypan. She says yeah I know it's mine. I'm thinking weird and thinking how am I going to get rid of her so I can go shopping :)

Then 5 minutes later I work out that she's here to stay and then another 3 friends turn up with bags. They had all bought breakfast and were making breakfast for me. Champagne breakfast how nice is that. I love my friends they are all so kind and thoughtful.

It's my friend Donna's birthday next week so we thought us girls would all go to the pub for drinks and the boys could stay home and look after the kids :) Not a good idea. We don't get to go out without the kids very often so we hit it hard and fast!! Mark came and picked me up at 10.30 thank goodness otherwise it would have been very messy. Got home and threw up so am feeling great today. Got rid of all that alcohol!! Oh and Donna did the same as well :)

Thanks girls for a yummy breakfast and a great night :)

Sue xx

Am I Beautiful ...... Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is what the 3 yr old came and said to me today after raiding my makeup bag! I put my foot down as she got the nailpolish out!!!! Gosh I wish I was Three ........

Birthday Boy!!!

I cannot believe he has been with us 9 years. It all started on a Tuesday night and I was doing a Uni Exam. I couldn't sit still just couldn't get comfortable and couldn't wait to finish the darn exam. That morning I woke up and heard a pop and my waters broke. I rang my dr and he said no hurry just come in when you are ready. So I had a shower put a load of washing on and then went to hospital at lunch time. I can't believe I was so relaxed. Yeah just off to have a baby :) I'll save you from all the painful details but at 9.15 that night Tim came into our world. He wasn't breathing real well so they rang the dr. Then they placed him on my chest. I didn't want him I just said I just want him to be ok take him and get him breathing. I'm not happy that they put me through that. I was so worried I just wanted them to take him away and get him breathing and right. It wasn't my time it was his time. Then they said he was fine but still got the dr and then put him in the Nursery in a humidi crib for observation. They fixed me all up and then I got to see him about midnight. Back then I stayed in hospital for 5 days which was way too long. I was so happy to get home. Tim was a great baby he just slept and ate. And then he grew up :)

Tim has wanted a new motorbike for a while now. We said no as we just couldn't afford to go and buy a new bike. All his friends had big bikes and he used to try and keep up with his little 50cc. We said he was actually lucky he had that .... (mean parents are we). He decided that he wanted to race motocross and we said if he could save up $1000 we would put in the rest. But then a friend was selling his son's bike so we decided that as Tim had put in so much effort in saving we would buy him this one for his Birthday. It was such a big secret and no-one knew. We didn't want anyone accidently telling him.

We had our family over and we all walked up the garage and Tim walked out to a bike under a blanket. He couldn't believe it he was shocked! I know don't think he is good with surprises. I thought he would jump around screaming but he was so shocked he just stood there. But he was on it within 2 minutes and now I am wondering what have we done. Mark was explaining some powerband thing and he was gong fast and oh shit what have we done.

Mark took some video of Tim and his friend Oscar riding the day after Tim got his new bike. I am thinking he is going too fast but I wasn't home to stop them. I've uploaded it to Youtube. It is a big file so you are best off letting it run and it will stop and start but if you watch it a second time it will run the whole way through.

Love Mum xx

Custard Friday, June 8, 2007

I love Youtube!!! Remember Custard checkout this Video. Remember when Videos were fun and simple. Not like the crap on Videos now where half of it is Xrated and not suitable for the kids to watch. My early memories are of Saturday morning watching Video Clips. It's a bit sad that our kids don't have that :) Woohoo my first clip I hope it works :) If it does look out there will be more and more LOL

Cupcake Cupcakes and more Cupcakes ........... Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ellie and I had such a wonderful day yesterday. After picking up some new books at the library we thought we'd go have a look for some new boots. As she broke the zip on the boots she had on. Found some but can I justify $90 on boots for a Qld Winter (um No). So I go to the shoe man and ask if he fixes Zips yep $15 well that's better :)

So after walking around with one boot on through the shops (yeah we got lots of stares, but I just laughed). We sat down and had a Coffee and Baby Cino in Borders. Ellie sat and looked at Dr Seuss books and I read Gorgeous cupcake books. I love cupcake books! We were having a lovely time until the 3 yr old insists she needs to do a poo, Ewwww!!!!! Won't go into details for you ........

So back to Cupcakes. It's Tim's 9th Birthday on Sunday and I always do cupcakes for school. I got all these wonderful tips from one cupcake book I as reading. Things like don't beat and butter and sugar together beat the butter first then add the sugar, and add the flour and milk in four stages. Guess what they are THE BEST cupcakes ever!!!! Tim says I should be a cake maker (which is just hilarious)! You know I forget that they are 9 yr old kids and won't care what it tastes or looks like but they were made with LOVE!!!

My Weekend ...... Sunday, May 27, 2007

Friday night well it started all because of Under 8s day and I text my friend to say put the Gin on Ice I need it :) The girls ended up at my place for a drink but it didn't get messy I was in bed by 10.30. Which is a good thing seeing we had soccer at 8.30.

Tim won his game which was great they had been losing lately so a win was great for their confidence and they all played really well. Poor Georgia they all lost again. They are all really nice kids but too nice. They don't get agressive with the ball at all. Oh well maybe one day.

Then I had soccer at 7pm. I had a crap first half I played up front and I think I touched the ball oh um twice! I was just lost. It was supposed to be about fun. I signed up for a womens social team and it was fun in Div 10 but we couldn't get enough players every week so they merged us into the Div 5 team. Aaaaarrrggghhhh. These are mostly young girls and a few women that have been playing for years. I am just lost. I had a better second half as a fullback (sounds good doesn't it). Tackled a girl who hit the ground like a sack of spuds. She was good about it though. Said that's Soccer!!!!!! It ended up being a Nil all draw so better than a loss but not as good as that Win!!!!

Mark went dirt biking on Sunday morning so after doing the dishes and some washing I made myself a coffee and sat on the deck all morning reading. It was lovely. Georgia was at a friends house, Tim was riding his motorbike and Ellie was just playing by herself. Then Mark had soccer at 5pm so I packed him up and sent him on his way so I could get ready for the school week.

Sue xx

Alopecia Areata Saturday, May 26, 2007

March 2006 our world was turned upside down. I write this and then think of what my friend Sheye has been through recently and think well not really upside down. But at the time it was devastating and actually Sheye was one of those beautiful people to ask how I was and give me kinds words to get me through, as were a few others. Some of my friends still to this day don't know what we all went through.

I'd noticed a spot on the top of Georgia's head where her scalp was a different colour and it seemed that her hair was thinning. Then I noticed another one at the front of her hair line. I said to Mark I am going to take her to the dr the next day to see what it is. A little time later as we were getting ready to go out for dinner I put her hair up and at the back on her hair line was a huge amount of hair missing. My heart skipped a beat! We went to dinner and I just watched her the whole night wondering what on earth was wrong.

When we arrived home I put the kids to bed and then googled hair loss and children. What I came up with was devastating. I self diagnosed through googling that she had "Alopecia Areata". I know I know don't google!!!

"Alopecia Areata" is an Autoimmune Condition in which the immune system, which is designed to protect the body from foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria, mistakenly attacks the hair follicles and the hair falls out in patches all over the head and sometimes body. This condition is not life threatening and doesn't even hurt but the emotional and psychological effect can be devastating.

  • If the patient loses all the hair on his/her scalp, the disease is then called Alopecia areata totalis.
  • If all body hair, including legs, arms, eye brows, eye lashses is lost, the diagnosis then becomes Alopecia areata universalis.
  • If the patient loses a few spots on their head it is Alopecia Areata.
Of course as any parent would be I just lost it. I took her to the dr the next day to the first one I could get into. He looked at her and said it looks like Alopecia Areata and I said "I know". He said "Unfortunately there isn't much you can do about the condition and then fell silent". Fuck is all I can think of. As I write this it hurts me so much and makes me angry that this has happened to her.

Mark got on the phone right away to a wonderful lady here who is the one in charge of our local Alopecia Areata support group. She was just so wonderful and supportive. Every time I spoke to her she calmed me down. It is a weird condition. Whenever she falls pregnant she gets full regrowth of her hair and then once she has her baby her hair falls out again. I think this must be because your immune systems lays dormant for a while so it doesn't attack the baby as a foreign body thus allowing your hair to grow back. And yes it can grow back. One awful thing about this condition is nobody is the same. It affects people in all different ways. I have heard of children waking up in the morning and having lost their hair overnight.

Ok back on track. I booked in to see a Trichologist who is an expert on skin and nails. Not a professional like a dermatologist more like an Naturopath. Anway she was weird to put it mildly. I think she may have done a few pills before she saw me or a line of cocaineLOL. She gave us some magic powder which G had to take twice a day. Anyway didn't do a darn thing. After everything I read I came to the realisation that if it was going to regrow it would by itself. Nothing that you do makes much of a difference or for very long anyway. But it was getting worse. I couldn't put her hair up anymore because she had lost so much. But after much talk with her we did start putting her hair up. She knew what to say if someone asks about her hair and her wonderful Preschool Teacher was there to help her as well. Thanks Janelle for all of your support through this. I would ring Janelle from work just to see how she was, especially if she had worn her hair up that day and you could see her hair loss.

Late last year I went to see a Dermatologist. One of the top ones in Brisbane, my dr even said he had stopped taking patients. But I think because she was a child with this condition he agreed to see her without even hesitating. He explained it all to me and confirmed that it was AA and gave me some steroid cream to put on her head once a day on all her bald spots. I so don't like steroid creams. G had excema as a baby and I refused to put cortizone on her. But I was desperate. The thought of my baby having no hair was not something I wanted to contemplate.

Forward to today and she has full hair regrowth YAY!!! Everytime her hair gets wet and I see some gaps (which are completely normal) my heart skips a beat. Georgia will always have AA it doesn't go away. She may never ever get a recurrence again (lets hope). It may come back soon, in a year, in 10 years, in 50 years. I've spent to so much time crying over this condition. I would be on the bus on the way home from work and just cry. I think it is that time just sitting and thinking. No it isn't life threatening it won't debilitate her but hey kids can be nasty!

I can't believe how many other autoimmune conditions there are out there. Scientists just can't figure out why out body turns and fights itself, some conditions are - diabetes, arthritis, lupus, MS (they think), Celiac, Chron's, Graves, Chronic Fatigue just to name a few of the better known ones.

How could something like this happen to someone so sweet!
Luv u
Mum xx

Chocolate Cake .... Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I promised Ellie yesterday she could make Chocolate Cake. Well she did and she did most of it herself! She had so much fun. She measured all the ingredients and mixed it all up. I had to melt the butter. But apart from that it was all her cake. She was so excited when the kids came home from school. It was all gobbled up in no time. I can't believe I didn't take a photo of the finished product though. It had hot pink icing (ick) and pink sprinkles LOL

I love cooking and so do all the kids. I think letting them get their hands in early is good. In saying that we don't do painting at our house. Too messy for me (poor kids) But we sure do make a mess in the Kitchen!!

Oh yeah not quite sure what the ribbon is doing around her head. She's a bit of a freak!!!!!

Sue xx

Me ..... Friday, May 4, 2007

I love photography and I have some friends that are just soooo gifted. They just do it, and I just want to do it. Every now and then I pick up my camera and my photography books and I get the girls out for a session. I just don't get it though. fstops and aperture and stuff I just don't get. Well today I have 3 girls to play with. So I say go get dressed up well they come back out in dress ups. I did ask didn't I :) So I get my books out and start playing with the manual settings. Everything was coming out black. So I sit down and read and play and Yay I found it. Some other time when I was playing I fiddled with something I should have. Can't tell you what I did but I know how to fix it now.

So here are 2 photos from the session! I appreciate a good photo more than a piece of art and I just feel so frustrated! I know I will never be as good as others but just to be a little bit good would be nice.

Sue xx

I've got it I've worked out the meaning of ......... Thursday, May 3, 2007

blogs. It suddenly came to me tonight. Blog watching is like "Choose your our Adventure Books". Remember those where you could either go here or there. I was just clicking through blogs tonight until I found one that interested me. Then it came to me "Choose your our Adventure"!!!!! If I didn't like where I was headed then I just went back a few!

Aaaah Life!
Sue xx

Boys and their Toys! Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Well he finally did it. After weeks of discussing (with me) which bike.

. Should I get the bike with the small fuel tank because it is a better bike.
. Should I get the bike with the big fuel tank beause I can ride further.
. Should I buy so and so's bike because it is a good bike.
. Should I buy the DZ or the GR.
. I don't want to buy so and so's bike because it has too many kilometres.
. I don't like the colour of this bike what do you think........

After listening to this day in day out and asking my opinion on bike stats which I don't really care for. After hours spents on the toilet looking through bike magazines (I think this was because it was a quiet place where he could ponder).

He has finally done it. Yesterday he picked up his new bike. LOL I just had to go to the photo to see what make it is. It's a suzuki!!

So now I won't see him for dust as he rides off into the sunrise with his bum chums!!!!!!

Sue xx

Little helpers

Yesterday I was just so busy. I had coffee with some friends, which so was so nice catching up :) Then I had to drive Mark into a Podiatrist appoint. Ellie and I visited Uncle Andrew and had coffee and milkshakes Yum!! Then I raced back to pick the kids up from school and get ready for Ballet.

Finally after Ballet drop off I started to make dinner. I am trying to clean my freezer out and use everything up! So I decided on chicken pie. First I had no onions so I rang my neighbour 1km away to borrow an Onion. Tim jumped on his motorbike to get it for me. So I am trying to make dinner quickly and without fuss as I have soccer training and need to get it in the oven before then.
I turn around for just 2 seconds and Ellie is helping me mangle the chicken. She is just being soooo helpful these days Aaaarrrggghhhh! Can you see the concentration on her face.

Welll I got dinner in the oven. Went to soccer training and by the time I got home all the dishes were done and the kids were asleep Bliss!!!!!!!!

Kids ........

I was driving along with my sister today and she remembered something that my daughter had said.

She was with Georgia last week and she said "It's like your Pregnant, but your not" She thought thanks I know I'm not real slim but ..... We both laughed and laughed. They things kids say.

Sue xx

And here she is .. Monday, April 23, 2007

Here she is the 3 Year Old as we like to call her. What are we going to do when she turns 4 ??? She went to daycare today. When I picked her up she said "I didn't cry" Yay. But is this what her life has come down to. Not what she does at Kindy but the fact she didn't cry.

She is going to be up all night tonight. She is one of these kids that if she has even 10min sleep she doesn't go to bed at night. I looked on the board at Kindy and she at 1.45min sleep Aaarrgghh.

She really is lovely, she's the funny one that keeps us laughing all day. The things she says are so funny. Her favourite word at the moment is "You do it". I ask her to put her PJs away she says "You do it". She's a girl with attitude and class. Her favourite outfit is usually stockings, shorts and boots!

I really must buy her some boots or she is going to go around barefoot all Winter as last years don't fit.

Coffee ......

I love my coffee. It all started back in 2000. We never used to drink coffe only when out and even then it was a cappucino and that was it. Coffee was coffee and that was about it.

Well while living in Sydney I discovered Coffee and Espresso Machines. I got to know and love my Coffee. One day I decided that I wanted a Coffee Machine. Now this was before Coffee Machines were cool and cheap. So I read every article every forum to find out about Coffee Machines. So I came up with a Saeco. I found a dealer over the other side of Sydney that had a display model going cheap. From memory I paid $420 and that was expensive for me back then. We had already moved to Sydney on a pay cut (I know stupidity) and we were renting a dive for an astronomical amount of money. But I was the proud owner of a new Coffee Machine.

Well 7 years later and I still have my faithfull Coffee Machine. I've thought a couple of times it is on it's last legs. So my dilema, do I upgrade???? Do I risk the relationship I have with my machine, I just know it and I know how to make coffee with it. We are a team :) So do I risk buying a new machine that just doesn't make a coffee as good as mine.

Oh my other love is Coffee Mugs! I could buy a new Coffee Mug every month. I am a bit anal with them as well. I have the Spots and the Stripes. The Girls get the Spots and the Boys get the Stripes. Don't know how that happened it just does ......

Sue xx

It's Friday Night and I'm gonna Party!!!! Friday, April 20, 2007

Ha!!! with 3 kids I don't think so :)

It's been a long week. First week back at school and work after the Easter break. Why do we have to work??? Well I'm not going to be able to retire yet with the price of Vege's going to skyrocket. I've already noticed how much they cost and it's only going to get worse.

So this arvo I go up to my Vege patch which is very neglected only to find a heap of cherry tomatoes and basil. So I get the water out and start pumping it in, mowed all around it and started to pull all the grass out that had overgrown everything.

So far we can live on um, tomatoes, basic, lemons and limes. I've got plenty of that! hey I'll be losing weight i no time :)

So you guess it this weekend I am in my vege garden getting it all ready to replant.

But you know the really sad thing my Friday nights are now spent at 11pm writing on my blog how awful the price of vege's are. I've turned into my parents!

Sue xx

2 Posts in 1 day! Wow!!!!

Here is my baby big boy Tim. Wow how he has grown, where have the last 9 years gone. It just seems like yesterday that I was working at McDonalds on my weekends ....

For Easter we went camping at Mooloolaba which we have done for the past 4 years. Usually we camp but late last year after having enough of sleeping on the ground we bought a camper! So we were a bit upmarket this year. Thank goodness because it rained at night a few times.

On Easter Sunday a few friends came up from Brisbane and we all sat on the beach front and ate and drank all day. It was heaps of fun!

Why the Name

Right this is my second attempt a blogging. Somehow somewhere I lost my userid or password or something for my last one so here I go again. This time I have recorded all of my information.

So sitting here at my computer wondering what my blog name can be. My first blog was Soccer Freaks, but you'll hear all about that another time.

Then my 3 yr old Ellie comes up to me and asks for another sandwich. This is just after a fight over why she can't have a packet of biscuits and why it's important to eat a sandwich at lunch time. So yes I'd love to be 3. At 3 you are old enough to do things for yourself but everybody else loves doing them for you also. At 3 you are still a bit too young to get in real big trouble like your brother and sister. 3 yr olds have not a trouble in the world. Life is fun!

While shopping with Mum you can throw yourself on the shop floor and scream to be picked up while Mum is wanting to try on a new sports bra. You can get your own pink milk from the supermarket and have it finished before we get to the checkout then throw it in the trolley without a lid on only to spill the remains over the groceries.

So as she asked me for that second sandwich I though - I wish I was Three.......