Day 17 - 19 .... Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ummmmm ............

Mark comes home this week yahoo! The kids are so missing him especially Tim. He was suppose to fly to Singapore last night but the plane was broken. How funny 4 Engineers sitting inside get to feel what it's like for a flight to get cancelled. Usually they are on the other end telling the pilot he can't fly it :)

They were suppose to have 24 hours in Singapore but I'm not sure what is going to happen now. They were sent back to their hotel, so I am assuming that they will leave 24 hours later. But then what happens to the people that were catching that plane. Oh travel is just too hard isn't it.

Tim has his first "Project". His Teacher gave them the option of either doing homework for the next 2 weeks or working on a project for presentation. Tim decides on the Project. He wants to do wheel, probably because he loves his motorbike and it has wheels (seriously). So I prompt him by saying how about you start with when wheels were invented talk about them and how we used wheels now and what they are made out of. He decides he is going to do a powerpoint presentation. First slide is about Ancient Greece and wheels then he has a picture of a Pyramid with the caption this is a real Pyramid???? I say that's not about wheel. So I prompt him again how about first you sit down and write some dot points about what you want to say. He says "I'm doing a Powerpoint presentation I don't have to talk" Aaarrrggghhh.

So as a Parent where do you draw the line. Am I looking at it from at Adult perspective and what I know about the big bad world of presentations. I can't sit back and let him do it all himself (or should I) I don't think this is giving him guidance and helping him. I just not sure what guidance I should give. Can you tell I didn't like school and didn't really listen! Well I am off to see his Teacher in the morning to seek some guidance!!!

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Sue xx


T said...

oh boy this is a toughy!!

I am very much the take over Mum who really just wants to do it all so I fight very hard and control myself. The first few projects I helped and guided him. We used to sit down and talk through what he wanted to say, I would be the one jotting it down for him. Zac hates writing though, so it held his interest for longer if I did the writing for the draft. We would google together and find the information. I would let him put it together, then we would go through it.

As he got older I forcibly made myself step back and now he just gives me the final draft to look over. Some people say you shouldn't help at all, with Zac he wouldn't have gotten anything done so I think it does depend on the child.

How did you end up going??

Sue xx said...

Hey T

Oh it's hard isn't it. I want to help but i don't want to help too much but I want to lead him in the right direction :)

Well he did it the night before after many fights for 2 weeks! I guided him slightly and boy is he a whiz at powerpoint!

Sue xx