Changes ..... Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I've been a bit boring lately which is why I haven't been posting. Haven't done much haven't had an opinion you know just been middle of the road.

So some changes have to be made. I have booked 2 trips for the next school holidays which is very organised of me. Usually I like to do things that day I don't like to be locked into things.

Another change is we have decided to get someone in to help us finally finish our house and get some furniture. I love minimalistic but I also love looking through the home mags at the houses with a eclectic mix of everything (don't know that I could live in though and it wouldn't suit this house). Finally I put 3 pics on the walls while Mark was away but I need help with rugs and stuff. I have a massive wall we have 10 foot ceiling and it is probably 6/7 metres long. We were going to try and find a piece or pieces of artwork. But we were talking last week about a big bookshelfy wall unit. So anyway we have someone coming in next week to tell us what to do to make it look finished. Not just like a big warehouse and it is bloody echoey in here as there is nothing to absorb me screaming!

I'll set myself a task to write another post before the end of the week :)

Sue xx


Edie said...

Good to see a new post ;)

Brissiemum2 said...

So does this mean that when it is all finished you'll have a party to 'christen' the new furniture???? Huh, huh????!!!!

Vanessa and Kara said...

Sooo good to see you post :) One of those trips should be to Adelaide.... Eden can drive you around and you can watch her cry LMAO. Seriously, ask her about that.... :P


Carrie Young said...

hey sweetie - so good to 'hear' from you on your blog!!! look forward to seeing your decorating decisions :o) xox

Melinda said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. We have been in our new house for almost two years and I have very little decorating done. I'm just happy we have all the furniture we need, curtains/blinds and rugs. The true decorating of pictures and things is a struggle... I'm not good with proportions and placing things. So Good luck... I certainly won't be offering any advice! ;-)

Sue xx said...

Edie good to hear from you now where is your blog?????
K, party cool sounds great you are top of my list or for a hot chocolate anyway :)
V, a trip to Adelaide is on my list!
Carrie, I can't wait to see the ideas too and you'll have to come and see them in person hey!
Melinda, I am just sick of the echoing because of lack of furniture will post some before and afters once it is done :)

Sue xx