Wallpaper Tuesday, September 11, 2007

She loves wallpaper ....... Ok so we've had the Interior Decorator in, lets call her Helen because that's her name. I knew she loved wallpaper and I knew she would suggest it and I am excited and nervous.

Wallpaper has come a long way from when our parents and grandparents used it. Helen actually thinks it never went out of fashion and no she isn't 60+ she's about my age :)

She started at the front door and is totally revamping it. The first thing she said was we need a stronger wall colour so we need to PAINT! I thought Mark was going to send her on her way, he painted the whole house and hates painting. So I though the word paint would send him over the edge but no he says OK (Mmmm I think he liked her). She also wants wall paper and a hat thingy stand.

But it was the Laundry that surprised me. I showed it to her just thinking she needs to get a feel for the house. She asked where I put clothes before I put them away - I say on my bedroom floor :) She asked well what about ones for ironing, "on the bedroom floor" She thinks I should put pigeon holes up all along the wall. That way I can just put each kids clothing in there. I think this is brilliant I would never have thought of that! (I will probably still use my bedroom floor though :) )

She had loads of ideas and is choosing some wall paper and stuff as we speak. I will take some before and after photo! We went out and bought a new chocolate brown leather lounge on the weekend! Can't wait to get it :) Oh and she said a fireplace in the Lounge as well. Don't know where the money is coming from will just have to crack and whip and get Mark to do more overtime (well it was his idea to get her in).