Kids Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My kids have the best life. Today Mark is in between his day and nightshift so he is outside doing gardening! I hear the motorbike and look outside Mark has just pulled up on the motorbike and Ellie has run down the stairs jumped on and they ride off down the paddock! oh what a life ... They are now riding around picking up branches that have fallen off the trees!

This is how my kids spend their days. Riding motorbike, swimming in the dam walking down the Pony trails and discovering the creek bed. It's just like my child hood. We had a mulberry tree at the end of our street and a creek. We spent our Summers playing in the creek and hiding in the mulberry tree. Kids can't do this anymore we are all so worried about who is around the corner waiting to snatch them or corrupt them. We are a little luckier just out of town I feel a little safe out here. I even feel safer at night when Mark is on nighshift. The kids can still be kids and play outside rather than being stuck in front of the TV. Oh don't worry they still do that on a Saturday morning, but that is a ritual too isn't it Saturday morning cartoons :) I just wish they had the oldies on like the Jetsons and the Flinstones not this Pokemon Crap!

Sue xx


Vanessa and Kara said...

They are VERY lucky Sue ~ I soooo need to bring Kara over!!

That pic of G is so so so cute ~ her face cracks me up!!!


Melinda said...

What a beautiful picture.... we live nine miles from town and have a view of the cows out our front window every morning. Abby can spend hours watching them.... We can play outside and listen to the birds and smell the honeysuckle.... no noise, no close neighbors... I love it!