Pick up Sticks ..... Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Saturday is our Country Fair at the school. The kids wanted ride passes so I said they would have to do some jobs to earn them. Mark said they could pick up all the sticks in the yard and put them on the fire pile. So after they got home from school I sent them off on a mission. This is the first one the Georgia found :)

This year at the Fair they are doing Idol. They have been having heats for the last couple of weeks and the finals will at the Fair. Today it was time for Tim to do his thing, he was playing a piece on the piano. He asked me to go and watch in case he didn't get through. I was amazed!!! They have had 83 entries and the Teachers organising it said all the kids put in so much effort. What blew me away though was that all these kids came piling in during their lunch hour to see the performances! They all did so well and I am so proud of Tim to get up in front of all those other kids. He has only been learning the Piano for a year but he has really taken to it. He practices twice a day. When he is in trouble he goes to his bedroom and belts out a tune :)

Isn't Ellie hilarious! Never a dull moment with her around......


Melinda said...

What a face! Zany indeed.

Love that he likes to practice! I always hated it. Took piano for 8 years and haven't touched one in about as many years.... which I really regret now.

crafty said...

Hi Sue!

Oh your kids look like they have a fine life. Similar to my own childhood, unfortunately I have not been able to provide the same for mine.

I don't think I have ever remained dry eyed at a concert for my nephews and nieces, or my children. Next week my son has his first school concert, I'll be a bawling wreck!

Brissiemum2 said...

She looks like you Sue....even without the funny face! Rofl!

And good one, Tim! Wish I could play piano. Hmmmmm...there must be something musical in the air out your way, huh??!!

Vanessa and Kara said...

Oh that is fabulous for Tim Sue ~ I love the thought of Kara learning an instrument one day but I have a feeling singing will be her thing...... you must be soooo proud.

I almost PMPs at Ellie. OMFG she is your minnie me baaaaadly. So so adorable.

I want to be at your place again. That deck is so inviting, although I would rather there be no swooping magpies LMAO.

Stomper Girl said...

Hi Sue! Your baby is certainly camera-shy! Did Tim get through to Idol? Fingers crossed for him, so brave.