French what ........ Friday, September 21, 2007

Firstly Tim didn't make it into the Finals for Idol. Stupid judges don't know squat!!!

Anyway this term at school they have been doing test for the school music program to get a music instrument for next year. They had to do some written Tests and then a group of student were chosen to go on to the next level and have a go at some instruments. Tim got through to this round. We had a chat about it and I tried to tell him that the French Horn or Tuba or anything else so effing big it won't fit anywhere may not be the best choice. May be a little big and hard to handle therefore hard to play.

Well this week was the instrument test and today was the last day. So Tim comes home and I ask when do they have to put in their preferences he says he has done it. Ok so what did you put down 1. French Horn ..... WTF how is he going to bring that lump of a thing home on the bus (read how am I going to listen to it) 2. was saxaphone (now that's a bit more groovy) and 3. was clarinet (another good choice).

School Holidays are here Yay! No uniforms no lunches Wooohoooo.......


Brissiemum2 said...

Well, it couldn't be as bad as the percussion kit that J brings home. Thankfully his is in a bag with wheels though.

And btw, love the dam pic. Do you ever see snakes around there though?

Kate said...

ba ha ha! The instrument choice - the thing I was NEVER told was to go on size (yes, in this case SIZE DOES MATTER!). Samuel chose the Tenor Saxophone (well he really chose the Alto but the teacher allocated the Tenor). And I tell you - this is a big bastard instrument to lug around! I don't think the French Horn is as bad as it may come apart a bit more? Not too sure on that though. Go the Clarinet! Easy for bus travel. Samuel has to tow his sax behind his bike - check out my blog for photos! But if he had to catch a bus - man it would be tough I reckon.

And the noise is not so bad. I get him to practice after school. When he gets home, I am out picking up the other two - works well for us all! LOL

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Jodie said...

LOL! Charli started school band this year and guess what she got selected to play? The euphonium (small tuba!) :o) It is big to lug around, but I bought a little trolley to stap it onto and it works a treat!

Like Kate said, the noise isn't too bad! I actually enjoy listening to her practice!

Jodie xx

Vanessa and Kara said...


That's funny Sue :P

Our holidays start next week too and I'm hanging out for them. Kara said she wants to go to Queensland lmao.


Melinda said...

Just proof that kids completely ignore you! Love that picture. Makes me wish I had a rope and a pond.