And the Instrument is ..... Monday, October 22, 2007

The ..............

Trumpet yes i cannot believe it. He didn't even pick it but I am soooooooo happy. Because he didn't ask for it he got told before everyone else and they asked him what his thoughts were. He said he didn't mind as long as her got an instrument he didn't care. Awwww isn't that nice he was just so desperate for an instrument. At least he can play the Trumpet by himself.

Funny thing happened on the weekend. I was out at a shopping centre with the kids and we had finished and were at the car. Suddenly two empty cans of something come flying over from the top car park. One can just hit Tim's head lightly. I look up and this girl looks over so I call out "You Idiots". We get in the car and I try and find the ramp to get up the top. Georgia says can we swear at them when we get up there. Ellie says yeah "You Idiots" Tim says look what you are teaching Ellie Mum. I've been told by the 9 year old. Oh yeah I never did workout how to get up the top :)


Melinda said...

Nothing like guilt from a nine-year old is there? J.T. always checks my road rage with comment: "That's not very nice Mom." or a "Maybe they have an emergency..." Such a sweet little optimist!

Yay trumplet player! Nice and compact that instrument is.

Vanessa and Kara said...


I had a similar incident the other day Sue.... road rage (well, sort of). It involved me muttering words I shouldn't use within earshot of my girl because she hears EVERYTHING. Next minute I get ... "MUM. Can you please not say the word that sounds like truck but starts with F?" :P

OK ~ are we going to be seeing frogs in a few weeks???

Brissiemum2 said...

Lol! He's keeping you in check! I agree though....they were idiots!

And lucky you....the trumpet! Looks like I might be having the lovely background music of practicing violin next year! Eeek!