Hello 2010 Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well well well ....... 6 months has passed since my last post. At last post I decided to change the look and feel of my blog. I did a little and got stuck and put my blog in the corner. 2010 is the year the year of my blog. hahaha i hear you.... she'll last a month. No I will not I am going to update this regularly this year :)

Here is a pic from last year to keep you happy. This was taken in Twizel NZ. Last July we took the kids skiing with our lovely friends the Horshams. We had the best time. Ellie just said to me yesterday "Mum can we have Christmas at the snow next year" my reply "Oh Ellie that would be lovely I'd love to" now we just have to win lotto so we can spend Christmas in Aspen!!

Sue xx

_DSC0042 Thursday, May 14, 2009

_DSC0042, originally uploaded by sueb72.


He does not like us calling him Timothy. His name is Tim thanks very much. My first born that little incy wincy baby has been at camp for the last week. It is the longest he has been away from home.

He was really concerned about being homesick. He will be having the best time of his life.

Can't wait to pick him up tomorrow.

Love you Timothy xx

Ellie Saturday, April 25, 2009

_DSC0063, originally uploaded by sueb72.

No way she is not old enough for school, well someone thinks so. Ellie start Prep this year. It is 5 full days. I thought she was too young and wouldn't cope but yay she is loving it. She became a Princess last year when she turned 5. She became demanding and everything was going to be done the way she liked it or we all heard about it.

Since starting Prep she has really changed. I think that she is having so much fun learning at school that when she comes home she is too tired to complain and get her own way.

She has her boys, Kye and Jimmy who she went to Kindy with. She has made some really nice girl friends as well but it is these 2 boys that she mainly plays with. Oh and Kye is her boyfriend and she informs me that he kissed her back in Kindy eeeeek. Lucky his father is a Policeman so we are lucky there.

Ellie started Ballet, Tap and Jazz last term. Boy do the tap shoes get a good work out at home. We have Tim on Trump, Georgia on Violin and Ellie on Tap shoes makes for a great performance.

Be back with an update on someone else soon.

Sue xx

New Photo Blog

I started to change my blog earlier this year and make a nice clean one.  I got stuck and it all got a bit too hard.

So I have started a new photo blog for all my photo work.  Do I hear laughing out there??  How long will it last well goodness knows.  But I did work out how to blog straight from flicker which is way to easy.

I think I'll keep this blog for family stuff and just stuff.


The end of 2008 Tuesday, January 27, 2009

and where did that go?  I cannot believe we are in 2009 (more about that later).

Well 2008 ended with a bang.  Sometime earlier in the year the lovely Mark thought it would be a great idea to take a wife and 3 kids away in a caravan for 1 month.  We thought he was joking until the 20th December and he piled us all in the car for our Adventure.  First stop Yamba on the NSW North Coast.  We had a lovely week here with our friends the Ross Family.  Way too much alcohol was consumed and lots of lazing about.

The kids had a blast searching for things in the sand, playing in the pool, riding their bikes and just mucking about.

Here's a couple of pics 

The story will continue ...........

Work in Progress Wednesday, November 12, 2008

As you can see my Blog is taking on a new look.  Not so pretty yet as I try and quickly learn XML.  At least I have worked out how to get a wider space to take larger pics it was just to small before.

So hopefully in the next few days I can have it looking pretty.

Mark can you see a little bit of sunflare in this shot :)

Sue xx

Baby Max

I have done my first real shoot, other than my family.  My friends had their 2nd baby a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would take some photos of him.  He is absolutely beautiful.

Sue xx