Ellie Saturday, April 25, 2009

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No way she is not old enough for school, well someone thinks so. Ellie start Prep this year. It is 5 full days. I thought she was too young and wouldn't cope but yay she is loving it. She became a Princess last year when she turned 5. She became demanding and everything was going to be done the way she liked it or we all heard about it.

Since starting Prep she has really changed. I think that she is having so much fun learning at school that when she comes home she is too tired to complain and get her own way.

She has her boys, Kye and Jimmy who she went to Kindy with. She has made some really nice girl friends as well but it is these 2 boys that she mainly plays with. Oh and Kye is her boyfriend and she informs me that he kissed her back in Kindy eeeeek. Lucky his father is a Policeman so we are lucky there.

Ellie started Ballet, Tap and Jazz last term. Boy do the tap shoes get a good work out at home. We have Tim on Trump, Georgia on Violin and Ellie on Tap shoes makes for a great performance.

Be back with an update on someone else soon.

Sue xx


Anonymous said...

She's such a beautiful little girl Sue - I'm glad you're back to blogging:)

Vanessa and Kara said...

Hey Gorgeous.... Ellie is sooooo like you Sue ~ she's grown so much too :)

It's scary how fast time is going by ~ I can't believe Kara is in grade one. She keeps talking about how she'll be in grade two next year and out of the 'little kids block' and I just keep hoping it slows down a little.

I hope you are all well ~ we need to catch up properly some time soon xxxx