French what ........ Friday, September 21, 2007

Firstly Tim didn't make it into the Finals for Idol. Stupid judges don't know squat!!!

Anyway this term at school they have been doing test for the school music program to get a music instrument for next year. They had to do some written Tests and then a group of student were chosen to go on to the next level and have a go at some instruments. Tim got through to this round. We had a chat about it and I tried to tell him that the French Horn or Tuba or anything else so effing big it won't fit anywhere may not be the best choice. May be a little big and hard to handle therefore hard to play.

Well this week was the instrument test and today was the last day. So Tim comes home and I ask when do they have to put in their preferences he says he has done it. Ok so what did you put down 1. French Horn ..... WTF how is he going to bring that lump of a thing home on the bus (read how am I going to listen to it) 2. was saxaphone (now that's a bit more groovy) and 3. was clarinet (another good choice).

School Holidays are here Yay! No uniforms no lunches Wooohoooo.......

Pick up Sticks ..... Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Saturday is our Country Fair at the school. The kids wanted ride passes so I said they would have to do some jobs to earn them. Mark said they could pick up all the sticks in the yard and put them on the fire pile. So after they got home from school I sent them off on a mission. This is the first one the Georgia found :)

This year at the Fair they are doing Idol. They have been having heats for the last couple of weeks and the finals will at the Fair. Today it was time for Tim to do his thing, he was playing a piece on the piano. He asked me to go and watch in case he didn't get through. I was amazed!!! They have had 83 entries and the Teachers organising it said all the kids put in so much effort. What blew me away though was that all these kids came piling in during their lunch hour to see the performances! They all did so well and I am so proud of Tim to get up in front of all those other kids. He has only been learning the Piano for a year but he has really taken to it. He practices twice a day. When he is in trouble he goes to his bedroom and belts out a tune :)

Isn't Ellie hilarious! Never a dull moment with her around......

Kids Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My kids have the best life. Today Mark is in between his day and nightshift so he is outside doing gardening! I hear the motorbike and look outside Mark has just pulled up on the motorbike and Ellie has run down the stairs jumped on and they ride off down the paddock! oh what a life ... They are now riding around picking up branches that have fallen off the trees!

This is how my kids spend their days. Riding motorbike, swimming in the dam walking down the Pony trails and discovering the creek bed. It's just like my child hood. We had a mulberry tree at the end of our street and a creek. We spent our Summers playing in the creek and hiding in the mulberry tree. Kids can't do this anymore we are all so worried about who is around the corner waiting to snatch them or corrupt them. We are a little luckier just out of town I feel a little safe out here. I even feel safer at night when Mark is on nighshift. The kids can still be kids and play outside rather than being stuck in front of the TV. Oh don't worry they still do that on a Saturday morning, but that is a ritual too isn't it Saturday morning cartoons :) I just wish they had the oldies on like the Jetsons and the Flinstones not this Pokemon Crap!

Sue xx


She loves wallpaper ....... Ok so we've had the Interior Decorator in, lets call her Helen because that's her name. I knew she loved wallpaper and I knew she would suggest it and I am excited and nervous.

Wallpaper has come a long way from when our parents and grandparents used it. Helen actually thinks it never went out of fashion and no she isn't 60+ she's about my age :)

She started at the front door and is totally revamping it. The first thing she said was we need a stronger wall colour so we need to PAINT! I thought Mark was going to send her on her way, he painted the whole house and hates painting. So I though the word paint would send him over the edge but no he says OK (Mmmm I think he liked her). She also wants wall paper and a hat thingy stand.

But it was the Laundry that surprised me. I showed it to her just thinking she needs to get a feel for the house. She asked where I put clothes before I put them away - I say on my bedroom floor :) She asked well what about ones for ironing, "on the bedroom floor" She thinks I should put pigeon holes up all along the wall. That way I can just put each kids clothing in there. I think this is brilliant I would never have thought of that! (I will probably still use my bedroom floor though :) )

She had loads of ideas and is choosing some wall paper and stuff as we speak. I will take some before and after photo! We went out and bought a new chocolate brown leather lounge on the weekend! Can't wait to get it :) Oh and she said a fireplace in the Lounge as well. Don't know where the money is coming from will just have to crack and whip and get Mark to do more overtime (well it was his idea to get her in).