And here she is .. Monday, April 23, 2007

Here she is the 3 Year Old as we like to call her. What are we going to do when she turns 4 ??? She went to daycare today. When I picked her up she said "I didn't cry" Yay. But is this what her life has come down to. Not what she does at Kindy but the fact she didn't cry.

She is going to be up all night tonight. She is one of these kids that if she has even 10min sleep she doesn't go to bed at night. I looked on the board at Kindy and she at 1.45min sleep Aaarrgghh.

She really is lovely, she's the funny one that keeps us laughing all day. The things she says are so funny. Her favourite word at the moment is "You do it". I ask her to put her PJs away she says "You do it". She's a girl with attitude and class. Her favourite outfit is usually stockings, shorts and boots!

I really must buy her some boots or she is going to go around barefoot all Winter as last years don't fit.

Coffee ......

I love my coffee. It all started back in 2000. We never used to drink coffe only when out and even then it was a cappucino and that was it. Coffee was coffee and that was about it.

Well while living in Sydney I discovered Coffee and Espresso Machines. I got to know and love my Coffee. One day I decided that I wanted a Coffee Machine. Now this was before Coffee Machines were cool and cheap. So I read every article every forum to find out about Coffee Machines. So I came up with a Saeco. I found a dealer over the other side of Sydney that had a display model going cheap. From memory I paid $420 and that was expensive for me back then. We had already moved to Sydney on a pay cut (I know stupidity) and we were renting a dive for an astronomical amount of money. But I was the proud owner of a new Coffee Machine.

Well 7 years later and I still have my faithfull Coffee Machine. I've thought a couple of times it is on it's last legs. So my dilema, do I upgrade???? Do I risk the relationship I have with my machine, I just know it and I know how to make coffee with it. We are a team :) So do I risk buying a new machine that just doesn't make a coffee as good as mine.

Oh my other love is Coffee Mugs! I could buy a new Coffee Mug every month. I am a bit anal with them as well. I have the Spots and the Stripes. The Girls get the Spots and the Boys get the Stripes. Don't know how that happened it just does ......

Sue xx

It's Friday Night and I'm gonna Party!!!! Friday, April 20, 2007

Ha!!! with 3 kids I don't think so :)

It's been a long week. First week back at school and work after the Easter break. Why do we have to work??? Well I'm not going to be able to retire yet with the price of Vege's going to skyrocket. I've already noticed how much they cost and it's only going to get worse.

So this arvo I go up to my Vege patch which is very neglected only to find a heap of cherry tomatoes and basil. So I get the water out and start pumping it in, mowed all around it and started to pull all the grass out that had overgrown everything.

So far we can live on um, tomatoes, basic, lemons and limes. I've got plenty of that! hey I'll be losing weight i no time :)

So you guess it this weekend I am in my vege garden getting it all ready to replant.

But you know the really sad thing my Friday nights are now spent at 11pm writing on my blog how awful the price of vege's are. I've turned into my parents!

Sue xx

2 Posts in 1 day! Wow!!!!

Here is my baby big boy Tim. Wow how he has grown, where have the last 9 years gone. It just seems like yesterday that I was working at McDonalds on my weekends ....

For Easter we went camping at Mooloolaba which we have done for the past 4 years. Usually we camp but late last year after having enough of sleeping on the ground we bought a camper! So we were a bit upmarket this year. Thank goodness because it rained at night a few times.

On Easter Sunday a few friends came up from Brisbane and we all sat on the beach front and ate and drank all day. It was heaps of fun!

Why the Name

Right this is my second attempt a blogging. Somehow somewhere I lost my userid or password or something for my last one so here I go again. This time I have recorded all of my information.

So sitting here at my computer wondering what my blog name can be. My first blog was Soccer Freaks, but you'll hear all about that another time.

Then my 3 yr old Ellie comes up to me and asks for another sandwich. This is just after a fight over why she can't have a packet of biscuits and why it's important to eat a sandwich at lunch time. So yes I'd love to be 3. At 3 you are old enough to do things for yourself but everybody else loves doing them for you also. At 3 you are still a bit too young to get in real big trouble like your brother and sister. 3 yr olds have not a trouble in the world. Life is fun!

While shopping with Mum you can throw yourself on the shop floor and scream to be picked up while Mum is wanting to try on a new sports bra. You can get your own pink milk from the supermarket and have it finished before we get to the checkout then throw it in the trolley without a lid on only to spill the remains over the groceries.

So as she asked me for that second sandwich I though - I wish I was Three.......