And here she is .. Monday, April 23, 2007

Here she is the 3 Year Old as we like to call her. What are we going to do when she turns 4 ??? She went to daycare today. When I picked her up she said "I didn't cry" Yay. But is this what her life has come down to. Not what she does at Kindy but the fact she didn't cry.

She is going to be up all night tonight. She is one of these kids that if she has even 10min sleep she doesn't go to bed at night. I looked on the board at Kindy and she at 1.45min sleep Aaarrgghh.

She really is lovely, she's the funny one that keeps us laughing all day. The things she says are so funny. Her favourite word at the moment is "You do it". I ask her to put her PJs away she says "You do it". She's a girl with attitude and class. Her favourite outfit is usually stockings, shorts and boots!

I really must buy her some boots or she is going to go around barefoot all Winter as last years don't fit.


Carrie Young said...

YAY for kindy!!! :o) All your kids are gorgeous Sue. xox

Sue xx said...

Thanks, a simple little message but it means so much and is so nice that you took the time to write.
Sue xx

Brissiemum2 said...

She is so cute, Sue. And I can relate to a non-sleeping child! Lol!

Sussanah said...

She's on the ball! Why do anything when someone else can! I wish I could say "you do it" when it came to making dinner.

Lea said...

Hi SUE!!!
Give that girl a big kiss from me she is such a SPUNK!
Lea xxx

Kate said...

Oh Sue - that Ellie is one spunky kid! And I love reading your blog - more please!


Vanessa and Kara said...

Soooo cuuuute!!! Sue ~ she is so much like you and just gorgeous.

I so wanna come back for another drive in the woods with you MWAHHHHH xxx

Rachael said...

Hi Sue,
She is a very cute little girl.
Don't you love it when they get those recharge sleeps :-)