2 Posts in 1 day! Wow!!!!

Here is my baby big boy Tim. Wow how he has grown, where have the last 9 years gone. It just seems like yesterday that I was working at McDonalds on my weekends ....

For Easter we went camping at Mooloolaba which we have done for the past 4 years. Usually we camp but late last year after having enough of sleeping on the ground we bought a camper! So we were a bit upmarket this year. Thank goodness because it rained at night a few times.

On Easter Sunday a few friends came up from Brisbane and we all sat on the beach front and ate and drank all day. It was heaps of fun!


Carrie Young said...

*cries* I want to live in Brisbane!!! Only for the people :P you can keep your crazy side streets to yourself!! ;oP