Why the Name Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Right this is my second attempt a blogging. Somehow somewhere I lost my userid or password or something for my last one so here I go again. This time I have recorded all of my information.

So sitting here at my computer wondering what my blog name can be. My first blog was Soccer Freaks, but you'll hear all about that another time.

Then my 3 yr old Ellie comes up to me and asks for another sandwich. This is just after a fight over why she can't have a packet of biscuits and why it's important to eat a sandwich at lunch time. So yes I'd love to be 3. At 3 you are old enough to do things for yourself but everybody else loves doing them for you also. At 3 you are still a bit too young to get in real big trouble like your brother and sister. 3 yr olds have not a trouble in the world. Life is fun!

While shopping with Mum you can throw yourself on the shop floor and scream to be picked up while Mum is wanting to try on a new sports bra. You can get your own pink milk from the supermarket and have it finished before we get to the checkout then throw it in the trolley without a lid on only to spill the remains over the groceries.

So as she asked me for that second sandwich I though - I wish I was Three.......


Carrie Young said...

You get to have midday sleeps too!!! *dreams*!

Vanessa and Kara said...


Will love following your blog Hon!!!!

V xxx

Sue xx said...

OMG I have some comments on my blog! Woohoo Thanks girls mwah
Sue xx

Sussanah said...

I plan to harbour all of my resentment and take it out on my kids during the fragile adolescent years. Pick them up from an under 18 disco in my nightie, and when they scream from embaressment tell them it is revenge for all of mid shopping tantrums!