Little helpers Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Yesterday I was just so busy. I had coffee with some friends, which so was so nice catching up :) Then I had to drive Mark into a Podiatrist appoint. Ellie and I visited Uncle Andrew and had coffee and milkshakes Yum!! Then I raced back to pick the kids up from school and get ready for Ballet.

Finally after Ballet drop off I started to make dinner. I am trying to clean my freezer out and use everything up! So I decided on chicken pie. First I had no onions so I rang my neighbour 1km away to borrow an Onion. Tim jumped on his motorbike to get it for me. So I am trying to make dinner quickly and without fuss as I have soccer training and need to get it in the oven before then.
I turn around for just 2 seconds and Ellie is helping me mangle the chicken. She is just being soooo helpful these days Aaaarrrggghhhh! Can you see the concentration on her face.

Welll I got dinner in the oven. Went to soccer training and by the time I got home all the dishes were done and the kids were asleep Bliss!!!!!!!!


Brissiemum2 said...

Sounds like a busy day, Sue. And that morning tea with friends must have been wonderful! ;)

Vanessa and Kara said...


Sue ~ that child of yours is sooooooooo adorable :)