Me ..... Friday, May 4, 2007

I love photography and I have some friends that are just soooo gifted. They just do it, and I just want to do it. Every now and then I pick up my camera and my photography books and I get the girls out for a session. I just don't get it though. fstops and aperture and stuff I just don't get. Well today I have 3 girls to play with. So I say go get dressed up well they come back out in dress ups. I did ask didn't I :) So I get my books out and start playing with the manual settings. Everything was coming out black. So I sit down and read and play and Yay I found it. Some other time when I was playing I fiddled with something I should have. Can't tell you what I did but I know how to fix it now.

So here are 2 photos from the session! I appreciate a good photo more than a piece of art and I just feel so frustrated! I know I will never be as good as others but just to be a little bit good would be nice.

Sue xx


Rachael said...

Never say never, the others at one stage were 'a little bit good'.
They are both great shots!

Shayne Hope said...

I'm with you Sue, I don't get the whole photography thing, but I know what i like!

My FIL has been a photographer since he was about 13 I think, and he turns 80 soon. He has won numerous competitions and can develop his own. He has just gotten into digital.

My DH started out following in his footsteps. We got the Camera, the lights, backdrops etc. but he lost interest and I am in the process of getting him back into and getting him a good digital camera, ALthough he wants a hasselblad.

We will see what happens.


Edie said...


I'm crap at taking photo's, thank goodness for editing tools lol

(i have a blog ARGGG )

Jodie said...

Your girls are beautiful Sue and love the pics!

BTW, you have been tagged! Read my latest post for information...

Jodie xx

Rachael said...

You have been tagged! See my blog for what to do next! Have fun with it

Sue xx said...

Wooho thanks girls!

Will go do a post soon :)

Sue xx