Boys and their Toys! Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Well he finally did it. After weeks of discussing (with me) which bike.

. Should I get the bike with the small fuel tank because it is a better bike.
. Should I get the bike with the big fuel tank beause I can ride further.
. Should I buy so and so's bike because it is a good bike.
. Should I buy the DZ or the GR.
. I don't want to buy so and so's bike because it has too many kilometres.
. I don't like the colour of this bike what do you think........

After listening to this day in day out and asking my opinion on bike stats which I don't really care for. After hours spents on the toilet looking through bike magazines (I think this was because it was a quiet place where he could ponder).

He has finally done it. Yesterday he picked up his new bike. LOL I just had to go to the photo to see what make it is. It's a suzuki!!

So now I won't see him for dust as he rides off into the sunrise with his bum chums!!!!!!

Sue xx


Rachael said...

lol, (riding into the sunset with his bum chums!!) How romantic

Sue xx said...

You should see them on the weekends Rachael. It's texting central. I don't know why they don't just ring each other. It takes them 20+ texts to work out where they are going!

Vanessa and Kara said...

LOL Congrats Mark!!!!!! Is he still smiling Sue? :P

V x

Trudi said...

Oh now THATS a cool boys toy!

Kate said...

Now his toy is NEARLY as good as Zachary's! Come and check it out - I have just put up photo's!

LOL at the 'bum chums' comment - does Mark like that? ROFL


Norina said...

This is great info to know.