I've got it I've worked out the meaning of ......... Thursday, May 3, 2007

blogs. It suddenly came to me tonight. Blog watching is like "Choose your our Adventure Books". Remember those where you could either go here or there. I was just clicking through blogs tonight until I found one that interested me. Then it came to me "Choose your our Adventure"!!!!! If I didn't like where I was headed then I just went back a few!

Aaaah Life!
Sue xx


Vanessa and Kara said...

Great analogy!!! Sooo, I wonder how far back we can go lol.

I still have some of those books somewhere....


T said...

I love blog travelling though I waste way too many hours!!

Your blog name is just perfect and I love the reason behind it. Looking forward to lots more visits :)


Sussanah said...

It's a little like peeking through the curtains isn't it!

Lynda said...

Hi Sue, thanks for dropping by my blog - your photos are beautiful as are the little fairies at the top of the page. I will check back - always looking for great blogs to add to 'my adventure list'