My Weekend ...... Sunday, May 27, 2007

Friday night well it started all because of Under 8s day and I text my friend to say put the Gin on Ice I need it :) The girls ended up at my place for a drink but it didn't get messy I was in bed by 10.30. Which is a good thing seeing we had soccer at 8.30.

Tim won his game which was great they had been losing lately so a win was great for their confidence and they all played really well. Poor Georgia they all lost again. They are all really nice kids but too nice. They don't get agressive with the ball at all. Oh well maybe one day.

Then I had soccer at 7pm. I had a crap first half I played up front and I think I touched the ball oh um twice! I was just lost. It was supposed to be about fun. I signed up for a womens social team and it was fun in Div 10 but we couldn't get enough players every week so they merged us into the Div 5 team. Aaaaarrrggghhhh. These are mostly young girls and a few women that have been playing for years. I am just lost. I had a better second half as a fullback (sounds good doesn't it). Tackled a girl who hit the ground like a sack of spuds. She was good about it though. Said that's Soccer!!!!!! It ended up being a Nil all draw so better than a loss but not as good as that Win!!!!

Mark went dirt biking on Sunday morning so after doing the dishes and some washing I made myself a coffee and sat on the deck all morning reading. It was lovely. Georgia was at a friends house, Tim was riding his motorbike and Ellie was just playing by herself. Then Mark had soccer at 5pm so I packed him up and sent him on his way so I could get ready for the school week.

Sue xx


Vanessa and Kara said...


Just picturing you tackling somebody to the ground LOL. I so CANNOT imagine that!!!!!

It's a shame the merge happened ~ you seemed to be really enjoying it before that :(

V xx

precious pink pumps said...

I am so impressed - tackling. Wow. I would rather run in the opposite direction! In fact, a few years back some girls from work talked me in to playing "touch football" and swore to me it was so gentle. Well, 5 minutes in to the game a girl got a dislocated wrist. I was walking off the field, admiring my in tact