What do you do if its 10 degrees and windy ....... Saturday, June 30, 2007

You go fishing of course! It's school holidays and I am loving it. Mark wanted to do heaps with the kids but it all takes time and it is cold and windy here in Brisvegas. So Thursday lunch he decides it's fishing day. He gets all the stuff ready while I get the kids ready. Stockings and Jeans, boots, 3 long sleeve shirt and jackets! We were all rugged up.

We looked up the website and the best time to go fishing is in the morning. Well arvo should be good too hey????? It was bloody freezing and I spent all my time paranoid that Ellie would fall in. Not that it was too cold but that she would sink to the bottom!!! Well the kids had a good time and we bought LOL some fish and chips on the way home :)

Here's some pics of them having fun!


Brissiemum2 said...

Brrrr....too cold for me! You need to create stories about 'the one that got away' though! ;)

Vanessa and Kara said...

LMAO at Ellie's face ~ she is so darn cute!!! Georgia looks like an expert LOL and Tim ~ Sue, he has changed sooooo much since February ~ he looks about 3 years older!!!

Great pics and next time you'll have to get up at 5am for some success HAHAHAHA

Sue xx said...

K, if I Male I'd have one of those stories LOL V, 5am ha it's holidays I don't get up before 9am LOL
Sue xx

Kate said...

Just great photos and I was shivering just reading it! LOL

Rachael said...

I'm hearing you with the 'falling in worries' , I spend the whole time stressing about things like that too. Not being able to swim to save myself helps ;-)