Birthday Girl!!! Friday, June 22, 2007

It was my Birthday on Thursday. I had my day all planned I was hitting the Country Road sale early to buy some new Black Boots. Mark said we couldn't leave until after 9.00 as he had to ring work. So waiting waiting until 9. Then my neighbour drives up the driveway and walks on in with a bag and a fry pan. I thought she was just returning things but I said that isn't my frypan. She says yeah I know it's mine. I'm thinking weird and thinking how am I going to get rid of her so I can go shopping :)

Then 5 minutes later I work out that she's here to stay and then another 3 friends turn up with bags. They had all bought breakfast and were making breakfast for me. Champagne breakfast how nice is that. I love my friends they are all so kind and thoughtful.

It's my friend Donna's birthday next week so we thought us girls would all go to the pub for drinks and the boys could stay home and look after the kids :) Not a good idea. We don't get to go out without the kids very often so we hit it hard and fast!! Mark came and picked me up at 10.30 thank goodness otherwise it would have been very messy. Got home and threw up so am feeling great today. Got rid of all that alcohol!! Oh and Donna did the same as well :)

Thanks girls for a yummy breakfast and a great night :)

Sue xx


Carrie Young said...

oh WOW Sue!!! That is just lovely!!!!! I can't believe they got in the way of a woman on a shopping mission though! Brave to say the least LMAO!!!!

Hope you had an absolutely wonderful day :o)

Brissiemum2 said...

Ok....all friends reading this...come to my house! I need some cooking done here! Lol!

Happy birthday btw....hope you got my message! ;)

Vanessa and Kara said...


Sue ~ I am sooo sorry :( I am a bad bad friend. I cannot beleive I forgot :( This month has been horrid and I am now thinking of what to do to make up for it.

Happy VERY belated birthday gorgeous!!! I am so glad your friends spoilt you ~ did you get the boots??? :P

V xxxxxx (who wishes she was at that pub to see you pissed :P )

Kate said...

How fabulous! I was laughing because I could JUST see your face when you are trying to think of how to get rid of your neighbour for your shoppaganza! What a cack and yes, I want friends like this too!!!