Day 1 Friday, July 13, 2007

I am a single Mum :) Mark has gone away for work for 3 week to Canada. Then he comes home for 1 day and goes up to Fraser with the boys for a week of Booze and Fishing.
Everyone says how are you going to cope. :) Ummmmm well easy peasy!!! It all runs so much smoother when he is away (sorry hon). All the wives that i have spoken to whose husbands travel say exactly the same so it's not just me. Things just seem to run smoother we get into a routine and everything.

Well he wants me to update my blog so he can keep up. Mmmmmm what to say I wash the dishes this morning :) No here goes......

Our Day

We saw Mark off this morning down the driveway off on his adventure around the world! Then it was down to business. Right everyone lets do a 10 minutes speed clean. 10 minutes later, get that TV off what did I say we are cleaning this house!!!!! An hour later after a half hearted attempt. Right is everyone ready for soccer Yes!! 10 minutes to go have you all cleaned your teeth No!! What you had breakfast 2 hours ago is it not simple .. Eat Breakfast then clean you teeth. So Mark nothing has changed yet since you've been gone.

Both kids had soccer at the same time this morning. I watched the first half of Tim's. It was a really good game and they were really evenly matched. The kids were all playing really well and keeping their positions. I wanted to stay for the second half but I promised Georgia I would watch half of her game. Mark has been coaching Georgia's side all year. They are all a really lovely bunch of kids but a little lacking in the aggression and the need to score. So they haven't scored a goal all season and usually hit double figures. But they are all having so much fun. I get down to Georgia's just after they have come back on after half time. To see Georgia running down the field with the ball. I ask how they are going and they have scored 1 goal, it is 1 - 0 yahoo! then a minute later Georgia comes running down the field again no-one in front and then falls over :) and Mai grabs the balls and scores a 2nd goal. So they won 2-0! Everyone was so excited and also everyone was saying poor Mark he didn't get to see his team score let along win.

Oscar and Charli came back with us so all the kids have been outside playing all afternoon. The girls riding bikes and the boys getting grubby doing something?? I've fixed my coffee grinder (I think, well for the moment anyone) and finally had a decent coffee (first this week). I've watered the fruit trees, and I pulled some Tomatoe plants out that had escaped the vege garden. I took some tomatoes and limes over to my neighbour. Oh Mark the Dicky's got $995k for their house!!!

The boys have just gone somewhere to get their motorbike gear I can see the girls in the distance walking off down the driveway somewhere. And I am going to go Mow some lawn.

All that and it's only 4pm still got a few hours left in me :) Let's see what Day 2 brings. I have set myself a challenge to write every day :)

Forgot to say I'll have to bring out some old photos as Mark took my camera :(

Sue xx


Kate said...

Ha! I LOVE it when Stan goes OS...breakie dishes done late, sleeping spreadeagled in the bed, toasted cheese sangers for dinner, kids in bed earlier than normal, me making all the decisions...bliss!

Have fun Sue (and Mark!!) and I know what you guys will get up to for that one night he is back before he goes fishing! ROFL


Sue xx said...

Yeah k8 the bed love all the room :) toasted cheese sangers you are good weet bix here LOL

Sue xx

Vanessa and Kara said...


WOOHOO for Georgia's soccer team!!!!!!

You have to get onto MSN now LOL. It's been aaaaaaages xxxxxxxxx