Day 2 ....... Sunday, July 15, 2007

I had all good intentions of going to the markets this morning and buying some strawberry plants to plant in my vege patch. Mmmmmm bit too cold :)

So eventually we got out and went to my sisters for a quick morning tea. Then I had to get to the Myer sale before it finished. I bought another photo frame to hang up, don't worry you'll love it Mark :) Did a quick shop as Georgia is a bit sick I think. She has a bad headache.

Tim got a EB Games voucher for his birthday so he went and got a new dirt bike PS2 game. He is happy for a couple of days :)

I had to play soccer tonight and lucky my lovely friend said to bring to the kids down to her. It's just too cold for them to be out at night. Lucky because it was effing freezing up at Redcliffe. By the time I got home it was 8c on my car. It was a good game and I kicked a goal but didn't score. Darn goalie caught it. I had a couple of good tries but my feet just let me down and the pressure and the excitement and oh. I did say FUCK when the goalie caught the big kick though!!!!!!

Apparently Mark has arrive in Toronto. I don't know but my Soccer coach does as he rang him instead of me accidently. Also my sister knows as she has been skyping him. Good to hear you have landed safely hon!!!!! Apparently he is a bit intoxicated also. Heard along the grapevine that there was a bit of Jack Daniels consumed :0

Off to do another load of washing and get the kids clothes ready for school.

Sue xx


Kate said...

Funny Sue! I thought that if you kicked a GOAL you kicked a goal! Seems that you DIDN'T kick a goal if the goalie caught it! LOL Bloody goalies!