It's Friday Night and I'm gonna Party!!!! Friday, April 20, 2007

Ha!!! with 3 kids I don't think so :)

It's been a long week. First week back at school and work after the Easter break. Why do we have to work??? Well I'm not going to be able to retire yet with the price of Vege's going to skyrocket. I've already noticed how much they cost and it's only going to get worse.

So this arvo I go up to my Vege patch which is very neglected only to find a heap of cherry tomatoes and basil. So I get the water out and start pumping it in, mowed all around it and started to pull all the grass out that had overgrown everything.

So far we can live on um, tomatoes, basic, lemons and limes. I've got plenty of that! hey I'll be losing weight i no time :)

So you guess it this weekend I am in my vege garden getting it all ready to replant.

But you know the really sad thing my Friday nights are now spent at 11pm writing on my blog how awful the price of vege's are. I've turned into my parents!

Sue xx


Vanessa and Kara said...

Well, your parents must be DIVINE xxxx

ANNNND ~ I need Vege patch advice PMSL. The only plant we have that is showing promising signs is Ava's ~ it's the only thing that gets watered (and gets fed pink flowers and chocolate lmao).

I need to know what to plant Sue ~ what will live if I plant it in 2 weeks?

V xxxx