Day 4 - 11 Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oooops missed a few days haven't I... That's because I've had sick children all that time.

Finally on Saturday I got to see all of Georgia's soccer game. Guess what she scored a goal. I am sooo proud of her. I must say and I am so not biased :) she is the best on the field!!!! She really deserved it. But she didn't know what to do she got all embarrassed. Well I did enough screaming for her. Yes I am one of those tragic soccer Mums on the sideline yahooing and getting into the game, in a good way of course :)

Tim fell sick on Friday but was all better by Sunday, well that's what I thought. I sent him off to school yesterday but when I came to pick him up from Soccer training he was off the field because the coach thought he was so sick and should be out of the cold (oops bad mummy)!!!!

So today I am off work again! But that was ok as Georgia was receiving an Award on Assembly. I wasn't sure whether to tell her. If I did she probably wouldn't want to go to school but the surprise might make her cry. She did really well and walked up and received it!!!

Oh I've bought myself a new coffee grinder. It blows my head off each morning as I have a double flat white! Now I just have to make my mind up on a new machine :) I've discovered a site they are complete coffee freaks. I've discovered I can roast my own beans using one of those pop corn machines. Can you believe that!!! Or I can use my old bread maker and hook up a heat gun to it! I think I will wait until I get my new machine to do this. I think I'll clear all the motorbikes and tractor out of the shed and start my new coffee roasting hobby (before Mark gets home).

Well that takes me to my picture hanging! I was going to hang a picture while Mark was away. I just don't know whether to include the architrave when I centre it. Mark is so anal when it comes to being even :) Love ya honey!!!! I like things a bit left of centre well not balanced :) We have some great discussions about these things. I can't believe we are still together after building 2 houses together.

Ok off to get some vege's for the sick kids!

Sue xx


Vanessa and Kara said...

"Or I can use my old bread maker and hook up a heat gun to it"..... WTF!!!!!!!!

I am PMSL at the thought of you making coffee in your shed LMFAO. You are so funny.

Cleaned the caravan yet??? :P

Kate said...

Well done to Georgia on her goal AND her school award - what a great week for her! Hope Tim is feeling better and I had to laugh at clearing out the shed while Mark is away - that will get him sweating!! ROFL